human wants

The human wants with few words. Basically all of us wants to alive, for this reason, we need food, clothing and shelter. But this is not the reality everyone in this world wants more, they never stay at one point. Some time it is good but some time it be worst, recognisation of good or bad depands on the situation, necessity or not etc.

It was looking absolutely fun, when the school students thought that, if all studies, exams would home proctored ( before covid). Now the situation is, every student either he/she is a college student or school student everybody wants that physical education back.

This is what the human wants. One of the famous economist said, humans wants can never be satisfied.

Wants may differs with the age just like – a child wants toy, whereas an adult wants a motorbike a student wants to go to school. Wants may differs with gender a girl wants dance aboys wants play etc. these are the things which differs the wants of every type of person.

Nature of Human Wants

All the desires and aspirations and motives of humans are known as human wants in economics. And the wants that can be satisfied with goods and services of any kind are economic wants. Like for example food, shelter, clothing, etc are economic human wants.  And those which cannot be bought are non-economic wants like peace, love, affection, etc.

All human wants to have some basic common characteristics. Let us have a look at the similar nature of human wants.

  • Wants are unlimited. A human is never truly satisfied, and so his wants to are endless. We may temporarily satisfy some of our wants but they always reoccur.
  • Different wants have varying degrees of intensity. Some wants are extremely urgent, some are less intense.
  • Human wants tend to be competitive. We have limited means and so we cannot satisfy all of our wants. So they compete with each other. And the most urgent want will be satisfied.
  • Wants can be complementary as well. To satisfy our want for one good we have to make arrangements for another. So now we have the want of two goods. For example to run a car you need petrol.
  • The wants of any person will constantly be changing according to the time and place and situation of the person.
  • Over time wants of a person can become his habits or customs.

Classification of Human Wants

We can classify wants into three broad categories in economics. These are Necessaries, Comforts, and Luxuries. Let us take a look at all three.

1] Necessaries

These are the human wants absolutely essential for living and surviving. Further necessaries will divide into necessaries for life, for efficiency and finally conventional necessaries. First and most important wants are obviously necessaries for life. These include foodwater, clothing, shelter, etc.

And then there are necessaries that improve our efficiency and well being like comfortable housing, nourishing foods, etc. Finally, there are conventional necessaries that arise out of habits, customs or conventions.

2] Comforts

These are the extra wants of the human after necessaries. They are not as essential or urgent as necessaries. Comforts are the wants that make the life of the human comfortable and satisfying. Generally, these include items that save labour on behalf of the human or provide comfort to him in his life. So items such as fans, furnished houses, special clothing for occasions, etc fall under this category of human wants.

3] Luxuries

These are goods that give humans pleasure and prestige in society. They are not needed for existence or comfort but provide happiness and acceptance in the world. These wants may be called superfluous. And such items tend to be expensive.

Some examples of luxuries are cars, diamond jewelry, expensive designer clothing, ACs. As you will notice all these items are not essential to our living. They are items of prestige.

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