childrens rights and children abuse

                               Children Right And Children Abuse.

“Every child has the right to be respected, the right to dream, the right to be loved.” A proverb we often hear by many but see very few obeying it. In the early period we have seen that children were deprived of basic rights and education which was given to them by The Constitution of India and these basic rights cannot be taken away by anyone but children are always deprived by these basic rights specially children belonging to poor family and below poverty line.

Any person below the age of 18 years is considered as a child in India. There are certain rights given to the children of India which can be listed below as following heads:-

  1. The right to identity (article 7,8).
  2. The right to health (article 23,24)
  3. The right to education (article 28)
  4. The right to a family life (8,9,10,16,20,22,40)
  5. The right to be protected from violence (article 19,34)
  6. The right to opinion (article 12-13)
  7. The right to be protected from armed conflict (article 38,39)
  8. The right to be protected from exploitation (article 19,32,34,36,39)

All children deserve equality, despite their difference. All the above mentioned rights are given to each and every children irrespective of their caste, religion, sex, creed, colour, race, gender and therefore no one can take these rights away from them.

Every child born in India will be regarded as the citizen of India under the article 7,8 of The Indian Constitution. The child will be provided with all the other rights which are given to an Indian citizen namely, freedom of speech, right to seek redressal, right to vote, right to be heard and so on. Every Indian child will be given the right to health according to article 23,24 that is to say that the Constitution given them the right to basic health remedy, in case any Indian citizen requires basic medical help or facility then it is provided by the government of the prescribed state. The right to education under article 28 says that every Indian child has the right to be educated up to the age of 14 years that is to say every citizen must be provided with basic education but this right is also mostly deprived by the children. Family life right under the articles 8,9,10,16,20,22,40 explains the family right for every Indian citizen that is to say every individual person must have their family and can enjoy their family life. The right to be protected from violence under article 19 and 34 says that every individual has the right to stay safe and healthy and that none can try harm any person. The right to opinion under article 12,13 say that India being a democratic country has given the right of opinion to every individual that is to say that one can put forward its views in any case and situation. The right to be protected from armed conflict under article 38,39 say that every individual will be protected from explosive guns and other arm forced and hence no harm will happen to an individual. The right to be protected from exploitation is to be said that every citizen will be given fair work and no unjust will be done to them under articles19, 32, 34, 36, 39.

The rights are given to each and every child born in India but most of the children are deprived of these rights and the reasons for such are namely lack of knowledge of the rights provided or discrimination in the fields of gender, status and so on.

Child abuse is another issue which have arised in due course of time and these abuse can be counted on finger tips namely:-

  1. Physical abuse.
  2. Emotional abuse.
  3. Sexual abuse.
  4. Deprived from education.
  5. Child labour.

Child abuse is very common in today’s world specially in under developing countries, where children are abused physical and mentally, children are a victim of human trafficking and child labour most commonly. Children are harassed sexually and every now and then we see cases of child being sexually abused showing up on every social media platforms. It is clearly stated in the Indian Constitution that none can keep a child below the age of 14 years as a labour and still we see child labour in our country and the basic reason for this is poverty and corruption.

Child abuse is a fast growing problem in our country and their remains no solution for this as there is corruption arising at each and every stage. In rural areas child abuse is more commonly seen as there a rise lack of awareness and high rate of illiteracy. Child abuse needs to be stopped for the betterment of the society and for the betterment of the children themselves.

 Both child abuse and children rights are inter-related it simply requires correct steps to be taken in order to put both the issues in correct place.

Thank You. Jai Hind.

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