Bollywood has always been critical about Hinduism, but after Modi became prime minister of India, the tone of its content has changed, they have become more biased about Hinduism. Using names of Hindu gods for villains, twisting the original stories of gods, showing a Hindu priest as the main villain are the prominent theme of the content coming out of Bollywood. From time immemorial, bollywood kept targeting Hindu culture and Sanatan Dharma in the guise of exposing social evils. It mocks Hinduism and insults our great warriors who fought for the civilization and the Dharma. On the other hand, to please a certain section of society, bollywood represents the cruelest of the rulers of the medieval era as kind, secular and powerful Kings[1]. Bollywood is trying to create an alternate reality rather than showing it[2].

According to the bollywood universe, they show Muslims as good and honest people, but it becomes objectionable and malicious when it portrays Hindus and Hinduism in a bad light. Movies like Vaastav, Sanju, Singham, Sarkar etc, show that the bad guys wear Tilak to identify them as Hindus, but movies like Once upon a time in Mumbai, Haseena Parker, Raees glorify Muslim dons and they are shown as benevolent, kind, and good at heart. Movies like this are only made to whitewash their dirty crimes. Many from Bollywood were punished by the Indian courts, but Bollywood helped them in building their good guy image back, just like the movie Sanju. Bollywood narration worked so well that all priests are recognized as thugs, all Baniyas are corrupt, Marwadis are dishonest and frugal, Bihari Hindus are poor and limited to only auto driver work and Sikhs are born comedians[3]. A shit movie named PK ( whose full form is still unknown but only known to people like Amir khan) mocked the Hindu god Mahadev. If anyone has seen the movie, then they would remember that PK went into the washroom & saw god Mahadev but insulted him in such a way that it only pleased the muslim community & Hindus were left speechless. I personally, wanted to slap Amir khan for the act. Would he be able to do the same & mock Muhammad or Jesus or let other person show any kind of insult to his community god? In the same movie, it showed Hindu, muslim & Cristian culture. He visited a church & asked the father that what was offered to god in the glass? He got the answer that it was wine. The next scene showed that he purchased two wine bottles & asked a muslim man about the mosque. After a few seconds, he was seen running for life as all the muslim devotees were trying to kill him for his act. But, the act was smartly played and never showed the mosque. In the same movie, Late actor Sushant played a Pakistani, through PK , it was shown that Sushant’s character was nice & he was waiting for his love’s phone call from India. The muslim colleague on receiving Anushka’s  character’s call fills with joy, the whole office is happy only to show that muslims are accepting,  ( especially Pakistan, a country which has been trying to attack India since 1947) making them heroes against the Hindu priest who predicted that the muslim boy would leave the girl.  Hindus don’t teach their children to defend Hinduism. They let them think free and make their own opinion on religion. The other dominant religions in India sees their Gods as the utmost authority, and whatever their god has said has the utmost reverence. Whatever their sacred texts tell them is a commandment in itself. From Mission Kashmir to Haidar, Muslims are shown as victims and persecuted minority. I am sorry, but, according to me, the constitution must change the tag of minority of muslims to Hindus. I am of the opinion that these muslim bollywood celebrities like Farah Khan, Salman Khan & his family, Amir Khan, Shah Ruk Khan, Farhan Akhtar & his family, Saif Ali Khan & his family, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Anu Malik, Saqib Saleem, Huma Qureshi and many more should have left India in 1947 with immediate effect. These people stay in India & spread all kinds of terrorist activity including mocking Hindus. I was really happy when the movie “TanhaJi” by Ajay Devgn came out. This movie gave a great tribute to Hindu warrior Tanna Ji Malusare who fought bravely against the tyranny of Mughal rulers. He lost his life while winning the Fort back from the hands of Mughal tyrant Aurangzeb. This movie actually showed the tyranny by the Mughal king Aurangzeb to capture Indian territories. Movies like these need to be told to the future Hindu generations for their knowledge. It is very sad that Indian history books only told how the Mughals rules India & made a few monuments. They don’t tell how these tyrants illtreated Hindu people & would marry Hindu woman ( & forced them to convert into Islam). According to me, the Taj Mahal is not a symbol of love, but it is a tomb of Mumtaz Mahal. It should be demolished or stop being a destination spot. Instead, the Vijay Stambh which was build by Maharana Kumbha to commemorate his victory over Mohammed Khilji should be taught & promoted. Taking about Mohammed Khilji, the movie Padmavaat also showed how Khilji desperately wanted to have the beautiful queen only to have sexual intercourse with her so that his community would benefit from it, but, the queen was intelligent & when Khilji killed the kind & attacked his kingdom, she along with many other Hindu woman fought him bravely & sacrificed their lives by doing ‘Johar’. Thus, Khilji won & lost at the same time. Bollywood promotes ‘love-jihad’, terrorism, drugs, stalking, rape, divorce, live-in-relationships, porn and every other crime as mentioned in IPC. These bollywood celebrities earn a lot of black money but to hide them, they do all kinds of business in Dubai, & all Muslim dominated countries. They are being funded by the underworld, but, there is still no evidence of it. Movies like Kedarnath show a love story between a wealthy Hindu Brahmin girl and a Muslim boy who is a ‘pithoo’ (porter).

In this movie, there was a scene where the nephew of the head priest, Kullu ( in heavy rain) is planning with his band of priests to kill Sushant’s character Mansoor and drive out all the Muslims & chants “ Jai shree Ram”. Now, according to bollywood universe, Kullu is the villain & Mansoor is the hero where the latter dies or rather ‘sacrifies himself’ to help a family man. Bollywood universe promotes ‘love-jihad’ very intelligently by showing that the Hindu girl starts flirting first with the muslim porter & then makes her family members villain. Speaking of muslims, a very popular singer who was a Hindu by birth converted to Islam so that he could be accepted in bollywood as bollywood universe only accepts star kids or muslims or Punjabi. Since he was none, so he decided to convert to the second category and VOILA! now , he is famous worldwide. This thing was also highlighted in the movie ‘Mission Mangal’.

Bollywood & history books never showed the ill-treatment & ill-suffering of Hindus, their problems during the time when the Afgans started to invade. Hindus kept quiet and this allowed the Muslim dominated Bollywood to mock Hindu culture. T-series owner, Mr Gulshan Kumar, a Shiv devotee was shot dead by Muslim gangsters when he stepped out of Jeeteshawar Mahadev Mandir in Andheri after his morning prayers. His killers taunted him, saying, “Bahut puja kar li, ab upar jake karna”. Initially, Kumar survived and sought shelter in the huts nearby, but residents shut their doors. His driver, who tried to protect him, was shot in both legs. The gunmen fired 16 shots at him that caused severe injuries leading to his immediate death. Mumbai’s underworld organisation, the D-Company is considered to be responsible for Gulshan Kumar’s assassination. Gulshan became the Cassette King. The “T” in his “T-Series” stood for “Trishul”, augmenting his mission of reviving Hinduism & the spirit of the Bhakti aspect in the Bollywood music industry. As on 2020, his music video of “ Hanuman Chalisa” in You-Tube became the most viewed during the corona lockdown beating top movie songs.

Time has come when Hindus should get united. All Hindus should come forward & work for the protection of Hindu culture & oppose those who make fun or mockery & spread negative things. I am not a secular person& I am not afraid to speak my mind and would conclude by saying :


[1] Is Bollywood finally coming out of its decades-old Hindu-phobia? | by Yosha | Medium, visited on 16-08-2021 at 16:31hrs.

[2] Ibid.

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