India is one of the world’s fastest developing countries, however, as you may have noted, it is still classified as a developing country, even after more than 60 years of independence. In comparison to other countries, our country’s rate of development is slower and lower. Many people in our country are aware that India is a developing country, but they do not focus on the issues that must be addressed in order for our country to progress. As an Indian citizen, I can see that there is still a long way to go before our country is considered developed.


1. No Control in Population– When we talk about India’s growth, the first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is that the government is not working correctly, that the government is the source of all problems, and that the government is the biggest impediment to our progress.

In terms of population, India is ranked second. India is one of the world’s fastest developing countries, however, in terms of population, this level of development is insignificant.

India’s population is predicted to be around 1.2 billion people in 2017. According to the most recent UN data, the country has doubled in size in just 40 years, with a population of 1.34 billion.

2. Corruption– Not everyone is corrupt, and not every Indian citizen is corrupt, but corruption is prevalent in our country, and the term “most” can be used to describe it. Corruption affects almost every government department in India, and the public distribution system is the worst of its kind. Corruption is the leading cause of poverty, and poverty is another reason for not improving our lifestyles and preventing India from growing. Poverty and corruption are inextricably linked.

3. Inequality Towards Income– More than a quarter of India’s population lives in poverty, unable to earn even 100 rupees per day. How will their lifestyle improve, and how will our country grow? In India, income disparities have harmed impoverished citizens’ access to education and healthcare. People who work in unorganized industries are the most affected by economic inequality.

People work for their daily earnings in many places, and even after working all day and night, they only get 100 to 200 rupees at most, and many days they do not get any job at all. How will they survive, how will they maintain and operate their families? When the poorest folks can not even afford to eat? What will they do to educate their children? And how would India flourish, how will India become a literate country, if the youngster does not educate himself?

The government has implemented a number of programs that provide free education to children till they complete SSC or reach the age of 14, but there are still a number of challenges that arise from both the family and government programs.

4. Crimes or Political Influence– Every crime is committed in India, and Delhi leads the pack in every category, including molestation, dowry, sex-selective abortions, human trafficking, and so on. Why is it that our country is at the top for all the wrong reasons? Still, because of a poor mentality, a lack of understanding and awareness, In many regions of India, girls are considered nothing more than sexual objects; yet, many families have a poor mentality and do not provide education to their daughters. Why do we still have such a backward mentality? The world is changing, technology is changing, so why are not we as individuals changing? Why do our country’s political leaders still talk about caste religion?

Today, everyone should speak about unity and humanity. Because humanism and unity will assist us in growing and developing our country. The growing mentality will assist each individual in improving themselves, and as each individual improves, so does the country.

5. Lack of Knowledge– We as individuals are unaware of our rights; we lack knowledge, and this lack of understanding is the most significant impediment to our own and our country’s growth. When we compare ourselves to citizens of other countries, we see that everyone is aware of their rights, however, we as Indian citizens are unaware of our rights. Knowledge never fails, therefore always feed your head with positive knowledge and valuable information.

CONCLUSION: Quantitative and qualitative indicators are used to assess a nation’s growth and development, as well as a country’s overall economic progress. India urgently needs to strengthen both qualitative and quantitative parts of its economy. These are only a handful of the primary reasons why India is still considered a developing country. Discrimination, religion-based politics, superstition, gender-based bias, and other social ills impede us from achieving our economic goals.

Now that our economy is in a slump, the government is adopting a variety of steps to improve business conditions, as many industries are experiencing significant losses. These are all aspects of the supply side of the problem, whereas the demand side is the most important. People are unwilling to buy vehicles or other goods because they lack funds, while the majority of Indians are unemployed. As a result, the government should take steps to raise people’s employment and income levels, enacting appropriate policy measures in the process, and all we can do is hope India emerges from this dreadful phase as quickly as possible.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/poverty-matters/2014/apr/07/is-india-still-a-developing-country

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