Reservation Why Becoming a Failure

The reservation system-

The reservation system basically in common terms describes, an act of reserving or holding seats for backward classes. By providing better opportunities in job and educational fields. But the most prominent step of this reservation policy is to empower the backward classes through, their participation in the decision making and also to promote a feeling of belonging and standing all together, as once these people were unprivileged[1]. Therefore, after independence, initially reservations were provided, only for SCs and STs.

The failure of the reservation system

There are various reasons for failure of the reservation system gradually. Lack of Proper Implementation- the very reason is that, reservations are not provided on the merit basis. This system actually ignores the actual conditions, and hence becoming the biggest enemy of meritocracy. The deserving candidates who are underprivileged should only be given any such special facility, rather than hampering the meritocracy through relaxation barriers.

Stable people becoming more stable and the needy facing more hardships to live. – The reservation works in such a manner that, it leaves the weaker section of the backward class becoming more weaker, and the well settled people of the backward classes becoming more stable. As, they only carry the so-called title that, they belong from the same class or caste and hence enjoy the unnecessary benefits. We need to understand that, each and every individual belonging from backward class do not possess the same status, as other do, at least they have enough as to sustain their lives.

The worn-out caste system, is the root cause for the formation of reservation, that is now hampering the rights, and doing injustice to other categories of people. The candidates who are belonging from general category, are facing drastic effect of this reservation policy. They are now deprived of, from getting all those opportunities that they really deserve. Hardships faced by the general candidates are becoming normal as a pervasive topic, even if he or she is belonging from financially unstable background. The quota which is based on affirmative action, a positive discrimination is doing real discrimination to others, that is totally going in the wrong path of equality. Every individual from forward caste, are not socially and economically developed, certain population of the forward class do have conditions worse than, the rich people of backward classes. And if facilities like reservation is implemented only for backward classes, then it is doing injustice to the rest as, the reservation was implemented after seeing the status and conditions of the historically disadvantage group, that stressed on economic and social conditions, and if the same conditions are faced by the general category, then why not to treat them with same rules. As, the basic criteria that is diving, and acting as a huge wall of obstacle is, the Caste of the people.


The reservation policy in Indian legal system is a debatable subject. And after knowing what all things are happening in the name of reservation, it is evident to say, how much hard is to determine that, whether this system is working totally as boon, or totally as bane for Indian legal system. The criteria upon which reservation is provided should be changed. And stress should be given to factors like, the economic status, the income of the individual, the education that they get, job requirement, etc. To recognize the real need of the needy, and avoiding the disguised one behind the name of caste. So as to prevent the failure of this system. This policy needs to undergo a strict inspection, and then the same strict action for its implementation to be taken, as this system can’t be removed at once from the root. Because we have not yet successfully overcome the entire problem of the disadvantage groups. The need is to promote the merit-based system, as individual concerns, individual needs and their demands who are living in the society, needs to be addressed. The way the reservation is implemented and executed in Indian legal system is largely governed by vote-bank politics.

 It should not be enforced based on caste or religion, minority or majority as it is happening now and causing a major hitch in development of the nation. The reservation system has caused to lose the very well-developed people, to move out of the country and doing their best in foreign countries. As there is a thought generated in mind that, this reservation will deprive them, from getting the opportunities that they really deserve. And the low value that they have. Reform is the need of the hour and government should look into this matter as to prevent future chaos and destruction. Because reservation in not a right which is to be given to all, it the right of the people who really need to survive in the competitive environment. And most important of all, citizens need to understand that, when we have, then why we need more, can’t we just allow the other one to receive the advantage, so as to just reduce his or her struggle to live the life to some extent.


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