CYBERCRIMES: Are the laws outdated for this type of crime?

Crime and guilt are associated to man since his existence . Crime remains elusive and ever strives to cover itself within the face of development.  different nations have adopted different methods to subsume crime betting on their nature and extent. One factor is definite, it’s that a nation with a high incidence of crime cannot grow or develop. Therefore, as a result crime is the direct opposite of development.

The boundaries of acceptable behavior are cryptic in a computer network. With rising cybercrimes, knowledge privacy problems and protection of identity from online impersonation became a heavy concern. Indeed with the appearance of the latest technology, deception and disguise don’t seem to be simple to identify, in conjunction with that money resources are forever on course. Therefore, a true purpose to cogitate upon is that every type of data ought to be thought of as property on the network.

To put it merely, cybercrime consists of such varieties of ill-gotten activities that need a laptop and the net as a medium to facilitate either contact or communication. Crime is, in fact, dateless and with the intervening computer network, it’s got a replacement interface. whereas technology is being placed to use so as to commit ancient crimes, there are also new varieties of crimes that are being expedited.  In simple Words, Cybercrime is a crime that involves a computer and a network. The computer may have been used in the commission of a crime, or it may be the target. Cybercrime may harm someone’s security and financial health. For example phishing schemes, cyberterrorism and mal-viruses are some varieties of tributary presences that ultimately represent grave crimes.


When web was developed, the institution fathers of web hardly had any inclination that web might rework itself into an all pervasive revolution that might be abused for criminal activities and that needed regulation. Today, there square measure several perturbing things happening in computer network. because of the anonymous nature of the web, it’s doable to interact into a spread of criminal activities with freedom and folks with intelligence, are grossly misusing this side of the web to preserve criminal activities in computer network. Therefore the necessity for Cyber laws in our country. 

In the year 2000, the Indian Parliament finally passed a precise law to combat cyber crimes. the knowledge Technology Act (ITA), 2000 was enacted with the only real objective to supply a correct legal framework for business transactions happening on computer network. Note that the collective term of ‘Cyber Crime’ has not been provided with any concrete definition under the Information Technology Act 2000. Even after the amendments, this point was missed. The IT Act 2000 makes an attempt to alter obsolete laws and provides ways in which to upset cyber crimes. we’d like such laws so folks will perform purchase transactions over world wide web through credit cards without worrying of misuse. The Act offers the much-needed legal framework so data isn’t denied legal impact, validity or enforceability, entirely on the bottom that it’s within the variety of electronic records.

In view of the expansion in transactions and communications distributed through electronic records, the Act seeks to empower government departments to simply accept filing, making and retention of official documents within the digital format. The Act has conjointly planned a legal framework for the authentication and origin of electronic records / communications through digital signature. 


The effectiveness of cyber laws is debatable. despite the fact that the parliament has tried to produce a correct legal framework to manage and set the quality of user data which will be circumvented among Internet. In fact, the Parliament’s effort is commendable because it even amended plenty of legislation so as to suit the aim of the IT act. In spite of all the positive aspects of the novel legislation, there ar a number of remaining gray areas that intervene with the effectiveness of the Cyber laws in India. 

The lack of major initiatives taken on common repositories of items of electronic proof is motility a retardant .

If original proof were reworked into electronic items of proof then they might are keep by a sure third party World Health Organization would manufacture a similar data contained within the discs and computer code just in case of a dispute, then the initial device might be came to the owner World Health Organization will still use it at can. Third-party computer code like ‘EnCase’ and therefore the Indian ‘C-DAC’ can facilitate in conserving the initial version beside a date. Thus, written documents won’t got to be maintained unnecessarily. 


One of the explanations on why Indian cyber laws are failing at the forefront is thanks to the non-coverage of the many styles of rising cybercrimes. Asian country has just one legislation that still features a restricted scope of relevance thanks to its slim range. Hence, several problems stay outside the range of the Act. thus, giving means for its unexampled growth. several important cybercrimes like spam emails, knowledge privacy breaches, cybersquatting with the intention to extort cash, copyright infringements and ISP’s responsibility towards it hasn’t received adequate coverage as of currently.


Shri Pavan Duggal, Supreme Court advocate and cyber professional has declared a big purpose. although the lawmakers should be complimented for his or her commendable effort on making an attempt to get rid of the lacuna in cyber laws, unless and till the laws made are technologically neutral and have a a lot of strict application over crimes below its orbit, the aim of the IT Act can stay defeated. It’s been discovered that this legislation is infatuated cybercriminals. this suggests that such legislation can continuously stay ineffective. The quantum of penalization should be revised.


The conviction rate is a very important indication of the pertinency of any law. an enormous range of legislations won’t solve the matter of weak implementation of laws. However, the  conviction rate can show the effectiveness of the cyber laws in  India. a low conviction rate contributes to this powerlessness of the cyber laws in Republic of India. the understanding of social control is additional vital than the severity of a social control which will portray the deterrent worth of the present legislation.


Society these days depends upon technology. Thus, crime committed via associate degree electronic medium is sure to increase. when deliberation the execs and cons of the cyber laws and therefore the Net it’s copiously clear that the IT Act still features a great distance to travel and needs variety of amendments. whereas some issues can perennially exist because of the actual fact that Net is comparatively open and a few level of vulnerability can perpetually be concerned and can’t be off out fully. Thus, the moral use of Net is inspired. The endeavour of legal machinery should be in accordance with the dynamic times and should fulfil the expectations. so as to examine the crimes rate, the conviction rate must be enlarged.

Hence, it’s solely through the persistent efforts of lawmakers to make sure that governing laws of technology can keep step with the continuing trends and rising cybercrimes.

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