The importance of Freedom of speech and expression.

As a human being it is very important for ourselves to speak and express our thoughts, sentiments, feelings and expressions in front of anyone because it is the way to communicate with each other. We can say that it is a natural right which acquire by the humans from birth it is a kind of basic right as everyone has right to freedom of opinion and expression. So in our constitution like several other rights are available for the Indian citizens and right to Freedom of speech and expression is one of them. It defines in Article19 (1) (a) it is found in partIII of the Indian constitution that enumerates the fundamental rights. It says that all the citizens have right to freedom of speech and express there thoughts. It gives the right to individual to hold there opinions without interference of any other people‘s information, media coverage’s and of any other sources.

The people of India declared in the preamble of the constitition, which they gave on themselves so that they can resolve and secure the citizens liberty of thoughts and expression and this resolve is reflected in Article 19(1) (a).Freedom of speech and expression simply means express yourself through mouths, writing, painting, printing, gestures, signs and through other different modes. This also includes the freedom of publication which means citizens also can freely propagate there ideas about any necessary objectives and this thing is to be done through the press or any other platform, and it also include the right to publish or broadcast the other peoples views. As it gives the liberty to each and every individuals to propagate or broadcast there thoughts and expressions and if any one among the individual did not get that than it does not comes under the liberty of expression and speech.

Freedom of speech and expression is very important for every Indian citizen so if any one try to snatch it away from ourselves we can sue them. But there are some restrictions where freedom of speech and expression is not allowed those were define in Article19 (2) of the Indian constitution:-

  • At the time of the security of the state this right is not applicable.
  • During the friendly relations with foreign states, if it hampers the relation of India with other states it was added by the first amendment act of 1951.
  • At the time of Defamation this right is violated because at that time it effects on the peoples reputation. As defamation is a crime under the section of 499 and 500 of the I.P.C.
  • At the time of Public Order, Decency and morality and as well as during the contempt of court.
  • Public order tells about the public peace and safety so if anything disturb it it disturb the public order. In Decency and Morality which comes under section 292 to 294 of I.P.C provides the restriction on freedom of speech and expression as it prohibit the distribution of obscene words.
  • At the time of Integrity and Sovereignty of India it was added by the 16th amendment act 1963 and its main aim is to prohibit the individuals from making any kind of statemenents which challenge or hurts the integrity and sovereignty of India.

It covers all the important parts of Freedom of Speech and Expression like-Freedom of Press, Freedom of Commercial speech(as Supreme court mention that advertising for commercial transactions of any product comes under it.) ,Right to Broadcast(it means broadcasting all the electronic and broadcast media.), Right to Information(it tells not only publish or propagate the information but also circulate and receive the information.), Right not to speak or silence is also comes included in Right to speech and expression.

Aishwarya Says:

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