Okay, what’s Anxiety?
Anxiety is body’s natural way to deal with stress and emotional trauma. Sometimes it’s triggered or caused due to panic oriented situation or stress. It is a mental health disorder characterized by feelings of worry, panic or fear that are strong enough to interfere with one’s daily activities.

When is it triggered?
• Places with too many people(strangers): metros, pubs, clubs, parties, etc.
• Closed places: elevators, rooms with no ventilation, etc.
• People surrounding at that moment
• Interviews
• Can be anywhere at random
• Due to any past experience

What happens during an anxiety attack?
An anxiety attack is a feeling of overwhelming apprehension, stress, worry, distress, or fear. For many people, an anxiety attack builds slowly, feeling a rise in the body. It may worsen as a stressful event approaches or with influence of people around her/him.
Common symptoms of an anxiety attack include:
• Feeling faint or dizzy
• Shortness of breath
• Increased heartrate
• Trouble sleeping
• Trouble concentrating
• Dry mouth
• Sweating
• Chills or hot flashes
• Hyperventilation
• Apprehension and worry
• Restlessness
• Distress
• Fear
• Numbness or tingling
It is often self-diagnosed. The feeling of something happening when panicking or stressed which is out of our own control is known as anxiety. It doesn’t depend on gender or age and can happen to anybody.

What are the types of anxiety disorders?
Anxiety is a key part of several different disorders. These include:
• Panic disorder: experiencing recurring panic attacks at unexpected times. A person with panic disorder may live in fear of the next panic attack.
• Phobia: excessive fear of a specific object, situation, or activity.
• Social anxiety disorder: extreme fear of being judged by others in social situations.
• Obsessive-compulsive disorder: recurring irrational thoughts that lead you to perform specific, repeated behaviors.
• Separation anxiety disorder: fear of being away from home or loved ones.
• Illness anxiety disorder: anxiety about your health (formerly called hypochondria).
• Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD): anxiety following a traumatic event.
Things to help ease anxiety:
• A hot soothing drink like tea
• Warm yellow lighting like a lamp
• Sweet scents or candles
• Reading a paper book
• Organizing things
• Holding a cushion or pillow or a soft toy
• A big bowl of soup
• Listening to songs that are calming
• Light exercise or walking in a quiet street with beautiful scenery
• Fresh laundry or tidy room
• Remembering things that you are thankful for
• Soft and comfortable clothes

What to do while having a panic attack?
• Let people help you
• Counting
• Feeling your senses: 5 things you see, 4 things you touch, 3 things you hear, 2 things you smell and 1 thing you taste
• Keep something calming with you always: a pendant, bracelet, photograph, etc.
• Support your back and look up and breathe- in and out
• Anything might help, small or insignificant, so find it and use it to channel.

Personal experience:
I have always been a strong, arrogant and confident person. Looks invincible on the outside but sometimes I have my moments. Strange places trigger me, be it metros, or somewhere there are too many strangers to deal with making you prone to danger at anytime.
Now you may ask how do I deal with it, well I use my anger as a shield, with a resting angry face, people don’t tend to talk to me or ask me directions(strangers). And if I still am triggered, food always helps, I love candies so lollipops help a lot and furthermore my squishy stress ball helps or talkin’ to someone who will handle my instant rambling i.e., my best friend or my brother.
Anything can help you, you just have to find one. One that pulls you down to reality and it’s nothing to be shy of, because it’s a part of you and it’s there because you have been through something or something which makes you afraid. So embrace it.

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