Things we need to change in our educational system

Things we need to change in our education system:

According to me there are many changes which are mandatory in our education system.

From the beginning,5th onwards there is choice of subjects to students that they don’t have any burden on their mind. Study refers to learning which requires fresh mind to have focus. It is important for students to  practically learn the things what ever they study.

In our education system the main focus of students is to get marks not to gain knowledge because every one always asks for marks. The practical work is very less.

There are many subjects and students mug up the whole syllabus and after exams they tend to forget every thing because they have burden to get good marks and in this they are also not able to learn that particular subject or a particular thing that they really want. what is the benefit of this, nothing this type of study is useless. It is necessary that students don’t have burden of study because if they have stress on their mind they get disturbed and it also effects their health which is not good. Students studying in schools and collages are our youth and if our youth’s heath conditions are not well then how our country will develop.

On the other hand there is one more big issue that now a days education system has become a business. Every student deserves equal respect irrespective of their financial status. A  student should be judged on the basis of their knowledge not on the basis of their cast or status.

In our government schools the infrastructure is not good not good technology, everyone knows that how much technology is important now a days. proper classes and  lectures are not held in government educational institutes. Every one in our country is not able to afford private high level institutes. So, it is important to work on it that every one get good knowledge and to be a good human being and a successful person. If every one is educated then the things like poverty will reduce in our country in future times.

Study is not aimed at making the person rich rather it is aimed at developing the intellectual level and wisdom of the person.

It is very important to encourage or increase research work in our system because most of the students does cramming because of internet mobile phone the thinking and imagination of peoples decreases. When ever they try to think any thing they check it on internet. So, in these cases it becomes more important to increase or encourage research work by research work the thinking of people will increase. And giving opportunities is also very important. In our country many of the educated peoples are still fail just because they don’t get proper opportunity.

These things will give our educational system a new face.

So, according to me these changes are mandatory to happen . many of the people from our country are migrating to other country on the basis of studies. It happens just because of our education system. Every one has to work on this to improve it.

It will change the future of our nation.

These are my views\

Aishwarya Says:

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