Right to Equality

Right to Equality means securing to all its citizen, equality of status and opportunity. Right to Equality also includes right to equality before law.

According to Article 14 of the Constitution of India,

“The state shall not deny to any person equality before the law, or equal protection of the law within the territory of India”

Article 14 of the Constitution of  India reveals that, the Article includes two concepts i.e. “equality before law and “equal protection of the law”

Equality before the law is a declaration of equality of all person within the territory of India, implying thereby, the absence of any special privilege in favour of any individual. No man is above law.

Equal protection of the law directs that, equal protection shall be secured to all persons within the territorial jurisdiction of the union in the enjoyment of their rights and privileges without favouritism or discrimination.

The former declares that, everyone is equal before law, that no one can claim special privileges and that all classes are equally subjected to the ordinary law of the land, the latter guarantees equal protection of all alike in the same situation and under like circumstances. No discrimination can be made either in the privileges conferred or in the liabilities imposed.

Equality before law, means, absence of any special privileges in favour of any one. In other words, there should not be special privileges in favour of any one, whether individual or class of persons by reason of birth, religious, race, caste or creed, etc.

It means that, all person should be subjected to the ordinary laws of the land equally; and no person, irrespective of his status, rank and condition, should be treated above the law.

The law shall be equal among equal and it shall be equally applied. A like should be treated alike. The rule is that, like should be treated alike, and not that unlike should be treated alike. In other words, those who are similarly situated, shall be treated similarly, and not those who are dissimilarly situated, shall be treated similarly.

Aishwarya Says:

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