Domestic violence a well-known and most frequent towards women in India. It is a situation supported and reinforced by gender norms and values that place women in a subordinate position with men. Domestic violence can be defined as the abuse of power by one adult in controlling the relationship. It is the establishment of control and fear in relationships with violence and other forms of abuse. The violence can occur as physical assault, psychological abuse, social harassment, financial abuse, or sexual harassment. Domestic violence is not simply an argument, It is a pattern of coercive control that one exercise over another. Violence against women is an old age phenomenon. Women were often viewed as weak and vulnerable. Violence has long been recognized as a normal part of women’s lives.

Cultural practices, Religious practices, economic and political conditions may set an example in initiating and perpetuating domestic violence but ultimately committing an act is a personal choice. Domestic violence not only causes physical injury it also undermines the social-economic psychological spiritual and emotional well-being of the victim. It is a major contributor to the ill health of women. It has serious consequences on women’s mental and physical health, including their reproductive and sexual health. Violence against women has a far deeper impact than the immediate harm caused. It has a devastating consequence for the women who experience it and a traumatic effect on those who witnessed it.

The causes for battering women are very complicated indeed. Men beat up their wives for so many reasons. Sometimes they beat up their wives because this is what society expects them to do to protect their role as the man and the leader. In this male-dominated society, both children and women are beaten and treated in the same way because they are not seen as mature human beings. They are not allowed to express themselves, and they are not even expected to do that. Some men beat their wives because they are violent people. Sometimes men beat their wives up because of an inferiority complex. The one who feels that his wife is more intelligent than him then tries to protect his image and position by inflicting physical pain onto her to bring her under control.  And they continued to do so because they are not punished for it. This submission reinforces the violence of the husband and makes him repeat the violence more easily in the future, thus turning the life of the wife into a living hell.


Many women are willing to bear the pain of battery if they have children. These women fear that a divorce could shatter the lives of their children. They accept their situations and cope with them as long as their well-being of children is maintained. The second factor that forces a woman to stay with her violent husband is economic need. Women who don’t have sufficient education, who doesn’t have an independent source of income, who cannot survive on her own will find it’s difficult or even impossible to leave her husband. A third factor that is usually witnessed in cases of domestic violence against women is that the victims get used to the situation and since she lacks help or support, she cannot decide to end the marriage.


domestic violence against women is, therefore, a violation of the human rights of women, and it is a humiliating situation to which thousands if not millions of women all over the world are subjected. The first step is the education of men and women. When men become aware that battery is a violation of the law and of the human rights of women, and when women become aware of the realities of battery. The second step is the enactment of strict laws and regulations that protects women against domestic violence and that hold the violent partner responsible for his acts. One important condition for the success of such a policy is that these laws should be serious. The authorities should not try to pressurize the woman to return to her violent partner but rather they should be concerned with carrying out the law without attempting to protect the violent partner. The third step is to fund and encourage organizations and institutions that provide support, help, shelter, and protection to female victims of battery. In other words, women’s financial and social dependence on their partners should no longer be an obstacle that prevents them from leaving their partners and starting a new life.

Aishwarya Says:

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