Any ego that is built on the belief that one gender is superior to the other is likely to be incomplete and weak. The fact that one was born a man cannot be used as the sole criterion for determining one’s self-worth. In addition, the masculine ego’s goal is to achieve dominance over the female ego. Because masculinity is incomplete, when it is employed to establish authority and control, it is likely to be fragile.

We live in a culture that has always favored male dominance—it is worth noting that until Amendments 15 and 19 of the Constitution, only males with property could vote. Since his boyhood, men have been allowed to assume that they are somehow superior to women. It could be related to our upbringing or our society, which appears to be ruled by men! Women have struggled for their rights from the dawn of time, whether on a national or international level. We, as women, are frequent targets of the male ego, which we nurse from time to time.

Most men are completely unaware that they have an ego! They would do anything to deny it, but the existence of the male ego appears to be a fact. Men have a set belief that they are always ‘right.’ In today’s world, being egoistic appears to be bad. Our future generation does not have much time to feed the male ego! In today’s world, it is quite difficult to find humble behavior in people, especially in men, who have been taught to be “rough and tough” since the dawn of time. Men’s ego has disproportionately flown out of the bucket, and many relationships have been shattered as a result of men’s increasingly egoistic behavior. It is meaningless to bolster the male ego these days because women are earning and succeeding in every sector of life.

Men are more competitive than women on average. As a result, it is entirely feasible that males will react negatively to anyone’s accomplishments. While it is understandable for a competitive male to feel intimidated when a woman outperforms him, the men believe that their partner’s success equals their own failure, regardless of whether they were competing for one-on-one.

The world is changing quickly, and it is past time for the male ego to step aside. It is acceptable to nurture a small amount of masculine ego that appears to be more akin to pampering, but nothing more should be permitted. The concept of nourishing the male ego, especially among the younger generation, will seem absurd!

1.) Pricking an inflated ego and getting the individual to evaluate himself based on substantial parameters is the greatest method to cope with it.
2.) While feeding your ego can be emotionally draining, ignoring it can be harmful in the long run. The wisest course of action will be to take a medium ground and confront problems head-on.
3.) Assist them in developing effective communication skills and a healthy ego, both of which are critical to the development of their lives and relationships.

PERSONAL VIEW: Men who react negatively to a partner’s success are likely holding on to old-school ideas about what it means to be a man, such as the idea that a man should have control over a woman, limit his emotions, avoid vulnerability, and be in command at all times, attitudes that do not fit with modern life or psychological health. These men are more likely than others to suffer from a variety of issues in their relationships and beyond.

Because some men’s egos are so fragile that they can not take no for an answer, acid attacks, rapes, and other crimes against women are common. Call it patriarchal favoritism or social conditioning, but our men will not take no for an answer. This is because, in our society, guys are refused nothing and are given everything they desire. They are entitled from birth, and as a result, they are unable to handle rejection, disappointment, or failure. They believe they have a need, or even an entitlement, to be in control, and that hearing a “no” will jeopardize that power.

CONCLUSION: Well, it appears that in today’s fast-paced world, the masculine ego will have to be relegated to the past! Women with a strong sixth sense can manage with a little ego from the other sex, but much more would go ignored! Vanity and self-respect are superior to ego, and understanding this as an individual is essential. So, in a relationship, be equal partners and leave room for open conversations and disputes. Remember that it is love, not ego, that keeps the world turning!


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