A lady of Indian origin, who had been exposed to indiscriminate abuse by a housemaid, was called to testify in a Singapore court, where she was accompanied by video footage from a surveillance camera. Among the allegations are that she not only pushed her, beat her, starved her, but also tied her up like a cow and fed her food out of a trash can. A Myanmar maid died because of the tremendous physical and emotional torment she had endured. For the time being, this lady of Indian origin may be tasked with breaking the stone for the rest of her days.

An Indian-born Singaporean lady, Gayatri Murugan, 40, has been charged with aggravated assault and murder in connection with the death of a woman from Myanmar. The deceased was 24 years old at the time of his death. Currently, the matter is being tried in a court of law, and the accused will get his or her punishment shortly. Several allegations in the lawsuit include that Gayatri Murugan abused and killed her female servant, including starving her to death and torturing her to death.

Gayatri Murugan has been accused of 28 charges of murder, starvation, manslaughter, and manslaughter by manslaughter, among other things. When it comes to this case, Gayatri Murugan may be sentenced to life imprisonment. In addition to this, the possibility of penalties for 87 offences will be examined. According to the report, NDTV is involved.

It was reported by the News Asia Channel that Gayatri Murugan had recruited a female helper to help her with housekeeping. Gayatri Murugan starved the maid for five months after that, even though she weighed just 24 kg.

The maid, named Pyong Nagaih Don, died because of a neck injury as well as brain damage, according to authorities. She was malnourished the day before she died, and she was chained to a window grille at night to prevent her from escaping. According to the storey, the lady was assaulted when she attempted to eat from a garbage can.

The victim had relocated to Singapore in May 2015 to work for Gayatri Murugan because of terrible living circumstances and the responsibility of raising a three-year-old kid in India. After that, surveillance cameras were placed in the home to keep an eye on the female servant. During the court hearing, it was revealed that the woman servant and her kid had been tormented 35 days before her death, according to video evidence captured by the camera.

According to the autopsy report, the deceased had 31 scars and 47 external wounds on her body when she was found dead. She died because of significant brain injury and hypoxia ischaemic encephalopathy, among other things. The victim was born with a physical disability. She was in desperate need of food. According to the study, if she had been hungry for a long period, she would have perished because of his actions.

The prosecution, which was headed by senior lawyer Mohammad Faizal, requested the accused’s life imprisonment as a punishment. He said that, considering the harm done and the actions performed by members of the public, this is the only appropriate penalty for the crime committed.

Vivek was horrified, according to Faizal, at how Gayatri tormented the female servant, starved her, tortured her, and eventually murdered her.

In this instance, the sentencing hearing will take place on the next day. Such offences are punished by life imprisonment and canning, or by up to 20 years of imprisonment, a fine, and canning, depending on the severity of the offence. However, according to the article, the female perpetrator would not be penalised for canning.

Gayatri’s husband has also been suspected of assaulting a female servant, according to the authorities.

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