Justice as freedom

“Man is born free, but Everywhere he is in chain”

Jean Rosseau

The term FREEDOM has different aspects to different people. It is different for a man and animals. Imagine if a big stone falling form mountain, can we say the mountain is free to control it? No, it is not free it is controlled by nature. Likewise a lion when he hunts, it is the way they have been controlled by nature to do this things.

With these examples we can say that the animals or mountians are not free to choose for themselves. But Humans has freedom to decide oneself. They can decide whether they want to eat vegtarian or non-vegetarian. They can feel pity or compassion for their dear and near ones.

But when does the freedom diverts?

Freedom started to diverts, when peoples mindset changes, when the sense of inequality started differentiating between own people, as mine and yours. This sense of inequality brought dependence on each other. This inquality brought social and economic inequality among the people. The famous “French Revolution” is a good example of this system of inequality, where the ruler Louis XIV a french monarch, claims to establish his regressive policies, which spread wide discontent among the people where they overthrow monarch and took political power in their hands.

With the french revolution people stated to change the modern politics. It really opened the way to a new kind of freedom, with ideologies of great thinkers. With every great ideology the concept of ‘Freedom’ changes, for some thinkers ‘Freedom is absence of Law’, while for others it’s ‘Freedom begins with law’. As a society changes the concept of Freedom also changes.

The story of freedom was different for India, with 200 years of brutal British rule, India got Independence with long struggle. This struggle was not for any class or equality it was for very own existence of own’s country.

Few days ago, i was reading a book by Baburao bagul, in which a socially marginalized person is forced to take up the job of a manual scavenger in-spite being educated, the books describes his revolts for the social justice and equality.

Dalits who is downtrodden for the years are still fighting for their own Freedom, freedom in a sense of socially accepted as human, freedom of being treated equally. But after 1950, when our Constitution guaranteed equality, liberty and social justice and Dalits positions from being oppressed changes to be represented in Big institutions like IIM and IITs.

But in rural the situation yet need improvement. People should understand we are not living alone, it is society and in society person dependenton each other in every other form.

Veda’s given sanctions to inequality, not only vulnerable sections of the socity is victims of this but women’s are also victim to it. Our veda’s interpret women as inferior to man and this thinking of being inferior bring women to be dependent on man. This bring the ‘Self love’ of man, where he dominates, imposes restrictions and voilence on wome, as they feel they are superior over all other genders.

Not only women but the other genders such as Lesbian, gay, Bisexual, transgenderes are fighting for their rights and liberty. Even if we are living in Indpendent country can we say that all genders are free? No, its not, every one is struggling for their own liberty and freedom.

Freedom is a slow process, One has to fight for their right in their own way. With the times various laws is been implemented to give justice to each and every person.

The Vishakha guidelines was the outcome of the landmark case of Vishakha and Ors. v/s State of Rajasthan. It brought the guidelines for the protection of women at workplaces. This guidelines instituted due to series of sexual harassment cases were registered. This guidelines lays obligation on the employer to form a committee who will look after the complaints of sexual harassment at workplace. This brought relief for working women to protect their Rights.

Likewise, we got ‘Hindu Code bill” which codified Hindu personal law, for the martial rights of women’s were safeguard.

Freedom begins with law, with law its bring more freedom and justice to the people. In 1979, under Government of India. ‘Mandal Commission’ was officially set up to identify the social or educationally backward class of India.

There was major backwardness cited and based on 11 criteria ‘Other Backward Classes’ was classified as Socially, Economically and Educationally backward and reservations as a means provided to address the caste inequality and discrimination. Various constitutional bodies also has been set up later to safeguards the interest of vulnerable sections of society.

With changing aspects of freedom various changes has been noticed. We have changed politically, Economically and Socially, this change is the ultimate and this freedom gives us the sense of justice.

Aishwarya Says:

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