Death and Realisation – As I See It

I’ve always wondered why death rattles us so much. Why is it such an unanticipated thing when it is bound to happen. Why are we lost for words when someone dies, especially someone close. When we know of birth, why do we get perplexed by death?

With all realisations in life, death is one of the important ones among them. For me death has symbolised the unworthiness of materialism. It makes me realise that we take nothing to our graves. We do not take our riches to our graves. We don’t take even sorrows to our grave. Death makes me realise that it’s not important how many lakhs I make. As there’s a dialogue in a famous Indian movie called Anand which says that life should be big, not long.

I can’t help but delve into such thoughts whenever I hear someone die. Even if it’s someone I never met. Because it rattles me up. I’m human too. I too get questions in my mind as to what is life after death. Does one really see their whole life flashing before their eyes. I wonder how it must’ve been for people who died with remorse, how it must’ve been for someone who’s wishes remained unfulfilled. I wonder what the plight of someone might be to be unable to say a goodbye. I wonder.

Well, we all forget such philosophical ideas and go in living materialistic lives. We forget that no amount of makeup or cars or no bigger house is going to satiate the desires humans can amass. We must realise the futility of hoarding things we don’t need. We must realise the pointlessness of being greedy and snatching other’s rights.

No one wants to feel regretful when lying on the death bed. They say that death comes suddenly for some. For some it’s a long hauled struggle for every breath. Many die young too. I don’t know how to be the perfect human being and how to survive perfectly. Because perfection is a mirage. Perfect life maybe a life where there is no harm dome to anyone else. And secondly, there must be no fear of losing anything material. Only the fear of losing self respect, family, and love must prevail.

I abhor idealism. But I do realise that chasing it whilst realising the limits, is life. If I ever get a chance to relive my past 24 years, I wouldn’t do it again. Not because I hate my life. But because it took all of that to make me what I am. Yes, of course, I have regrets. But I hope I have years ahead of me to live with grandeur in my heart. I wish I never fail to realise the importance of love over money.

Lord Buddha had said that desires are the root cause of all sufferings. The enlightened mind was right about this one. Who are we to question this. Desires must not be mutilated but measured in the scale of compassion. The great Dalai Lama too focusses on the concept of compassion for the younger generation. Without which we as a civilization would have ended way back in time.

We must think of life full of compassion. Which will in turn enrich our hearts for whatever time we got on planet earth. Maybe this will ease the realisation of death. Maybe then I will know what it truly means. Maybe then we will stop being rattled at the knock of death at our doorstep.

Aishwarya Says:

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