The article starts by outlining the main rights, protection or freedom given by law to the religion. Law and religion needs each other that the law gives religion the protection, justice, structure and encourages its devotion to order and the religion gives law its spirit and inspiration as we all know that India is a secular country . which means there is no particular state religion.

Secularism is one of the important part of India’s constitution.

Article 25-28 in the constitution of India provides right to religious freedom to protect religion. Many provisions were made in India’s constitution for the majority as well as minority Religious . religion is a very sensitive topic. People are sensitive as well as emotional regarding this topic. Our law provide protection and also put limitation so, no one can misuse the fundamental rights given by the constitution.

Law- A person is a social human being who live in the group called society. He has to do various activities to fulfill his basic needs or to learn livelihood, some activities are good or beneficial and some are harmful for society. So, to regulate the human behavior a set of rules is introduced which is known as law.

In real world, laws are set of rules which regulates the individual, group behavior or administration of state. Without law it is not possible to live peacefully and freely we don’t even know about many rules or laws but we understand them generally. We don’t need to see a written law. We generally know that stealing anything or harming anyone is a crime. There are many laws provided by the constitution of India to safeguard all citizens. For example – business law, contract law, consumer law etc. and many fundamental rights are provided to the citizen of India and our law protect all these fundamental rights.

It is well said that ‘everyone is equal in the eyes of law’. there is no discrimination , no one is rich or poor , big or small in front of law. Everyone get the equal justice Law is very important to each and every state. The administration of the country should not be run without rules and laws the preamble of the constitution of India said that India is a sovereign , socialist , secular, democratic and republic state. The word secular is added in preamble in 42nd amendment act of 1976. The words secular means providing equal treatment to all religion.

As we all know that India is a divine country , there is not any particular religion of any state . this amendment provide the religious freedom to practice , to preach any religion. If any one force other person to follow any religion then he/she will be published in front of law.

Religion- Religion plays a major role in the Indian way of life. Worship, preaching and many other religious activities are very much other common in religious activities are very much common in everyone’s daily life. Religion is a way of life in India and it is a social system in the name of god . in India there are four main religious . Hinduism  , Buddhism ,  Sikhism and Jainism and there are also some number of Muslims and Christians .

When religion come down to earth . it was based on two laws , its first motive is to teach people about god and about the way of worship and the second motive was to teach people about managing and regulating the lives by a set of rules. Religion is not a belief but it become a way of living because the followers of a particular religion follows a definite kind of livelihood and with this religion enters the boundary of law where people are compelled to follow and not to break the rules decided by the state . in the primitive community religion played an important role in the framing of laws . religion served as a necessary aspects of law.

Interrelation between law and religion- India is the birth place of four major world religious . some aspects of religious law are included in the India constitution which can be applied in certain contexts such as marriage , divorce or personal property disputes.

When we start examining the sources of religion, we find that there are many religions , which have their different sources . some as when we examine the sources of laws , we find that there are many law, with many sources.

There are some laws or articles written in the Indian constitution which protect the interest of people having faith 25-28 include right to freedom of religion.

Article 25- freedom of conscience and free profession, practice and propagation of religion.

Article 26- freedom of manage religious affairs.

Article 27- freedom as to payment of taxes for promotion of any particular religion.

Article28- freedom as to attendance at religious instruction or religious worship in certain education institutions.42nd amendment act 1976

Bill number-91

It is also in the favor of religious freedom. It is one of the most important amendments of Indian constitution . it was enacted during the emergency (25june 1975-21 march 1977) by the Indian national congress government headed by Indra Gandhi , it is also known as mini-constitution.

42nd amendment is regarded as the most controversial constitutional amendment of history. The word secularism was added by the 42nd amendment to the constitution of India .

The word  ‘secularism’ means separate from religion. India is a secular country with no state religion. Here religion is totally a personal matter.

42nd amendment entailed the separation of religion from the government.

Some of the acts related to religion.

Madhya pardesh freedom of religion act 1968

The orissa freedom of religious act of 1967

The arunachal pardesh freedom of religion act 1978

Hence, it is very evident that law and religion are dependent on each other.

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