Communal harmony: backbone of India’s unity and integrity

50 year on the Spectre of communal harmony still haunts us. We saw it’s macabre  from during the trauma of partition. How far the British played mysterious game in dividing Hindu and Muslim during the last phase of Empire will be debated for decades to come. Separate electrode was the most pernicious  practice which divided Hindu and Muslim and shiks. It struck a blow to the composite character of nation. To a large extent The Hindu and Muslim divide has been the Legacy of British Empire these centuries the two major community lived together like brother in almost all the cities in north and East.

A great resilient country like India live to out later with the nightmare of 1947 and our constitution makers did not leave anything to chance the Preamble of our constitution reads” we the people of India having solemnly resolved to constitute India into sovereign secular socialist and Democratic Republic in a secular state religion is purely an individual after with the state neither promoting nor running down and religion. In other words there is no state religion as in Pakistan for Israel.

Right from the very beginning of the Indian states out to promote total harmony among people professing different face, granting them freedom of worship and extending certain privileges to the members of minority community. Despite the best effort of farsighted leaders communalism and occasional communal rights have best worst this year name of the country known through ages as an Oasis of tolerance and Amity. The Ugly eruptions have been more of an exception than the rule and there have been The Hardy work of disgruntled  politicians, Anti Social elements and criminals. The people of India stand for a plural and multi religious society.

It would indeed be fuoolish to judge ndia’s secular credentials and innate  capacity to tolerance by what happened recently in Gujarat in Mumbai ten years ago and during the anti Sikh riots in Delhi and elsewhere in 1984.

These have been abrasions indulged in by petty minded people for immediate gains. The culpability of certain politicians and other elements including a section of media in stalking The embers of hated can not be ruled out. But man to man people have so they could have life as human being within in exhaustible fund of love compassion and concern for one another.

This has been proved even by the information collected from the Gauri in East and Gujarat. Families going out to help others of a different community and even sheltering  them.

Eternal Vigilance is this shield against those who are out to tear apart our secular fabric. It is a happy augury  that our media and Saner public opinion have stood as a solid Rock against those who served to so heated between people in the name of religion but there is no room for despair for we stand on firm ground the base built through the centuries of understanding love compassion and the fundamental realisation that truth can be reached through different paths.

A glimpse into the past would so that communal harmony and tenant to of tolerance have been an integral part of the great Indian tradition and an accessible through flows the Rig Veda” truth is one that learnt main describe it why variously”.

The Atharvaveda the Earth which accommodates peoples of different persuasion and languages as in a peaceful harmony benefit all echoes the Rig Veda all human beings are of same race.

None could have put the broad vision of India than the great son of India Swami Vivekananda to address the world parliament of religions in Chicago USA on September 11 1893 addressing his audience as sister and brothers of America he  thunder I am proud to belong to a religion which has stuck out the world both tolerance and universal acceptance we believe not only in Universal action but they accept all religion as true I am proud to tell you that I belong to a nation which has celta the person waited and the refuses of all religion and all nation of Earth I am proud to tell you that we have gathered in our bottom the pure remnants of Aryans who came in Southern India and took refuge with us the very year in which their holy temples was started to Pieces by Roman tyranny.

Can the people ever forget Ashoka The Great? The only monarch  who abandoned affair after victory. This great Imperial state in one of his addict all sex deserves respect for one reason of another. By this acting am and its solved his own set and service to the Sect of other people.

In brief our life on this planet is short let uss learn to live together because we belong to same family man harmony is the key note of the river of life.

Aishwarya Says:

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