The skill to HEAL, the spirit to CARE.

“As a caregiver, you see selfless acts everyday.”

― Dr. Raj Panjabi via The Huffington Post

A doctor is someone with the magical powers to treat a life, to bring health into our lives and to be there with us when we have lost all the hopes. We always have been grateful to doctors for their hard-work and efforts they do to protect us and our loved ones. In this time of pandemic, many of us had the privilege to stay at home caught up on new hobbies as well as spent time with our families and explored our potential but the dark side of this pandemic was the doctors were spending sleepless nights in the corridors of a hospital. They were packed their bodies in the suits nonetheless than superheroes. These superheroes worked selflessly that they forget they need to stop for a moment and breathe. The continuous hours of service by them but in return they got pruned fingers, chafed back, thighs and neck, swollen face with the continuous usage of mask but then also they walked into one ward from another.

Doctors worked, underpaid and unappreciated and no time to grieve for their lost loved ones. Besides all this they faces the violence, quackery and distrust but they never failed their selfless practices towards the society. And that is the reason why Doctors are said to be the semi-GOD ,i.e., they are the incarnation of ultimate GOD on the earth. The doctors are always ready to risk their lives for the sake of infected people. According to reports, approximately 300 doctors have sacrificed their lives for patients while serving. They are the ones who are ready to neglect their families and risk their own lives.

We need to be grateful to their profession and respect each and every doctor around us. This profession is not an easy one; as it requires experience, training and expertise. We can see how doctors are specialized in their fields as well as knowledge of other fields as well. The variety of doctors involve, pediatricians (for children), cardiologist(for heart), etc., Ayurveda is one of the oldest practices from Ancient India. Doctors are the ones who have to research for the countless diseases so that it can be curable for the humans.

The services by the doctors are the most necessary within life as we all need treatment for our diseases whether curable or incurable, they help us with their services. For us, it’s important that the doctor helps us with the treatment and hence, they never turn form their services.

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