Uthra’s husband, Sooraj, had acknowledged her murder by placing the cobra, which he had purchased from the accused-turned-approver, Suresh, for Rs 10,000. Sooraj was sentenced to life in prison.

Suresh, the serpent, allegedly sobbed in court during cross-examination in the snakebite murder case. “He murdered her because I gave him the snake,” Suresh claimed, according to reports. The plea of Uthra, a 25-year-old woman who was discovered dead at her parents’ home in Anchal, in the Kollam district of Kerala on May 7, 2020, was approved by Suresh, who served as the approver. She had been bitten by an Indian Cobra, a poisonous snake that Uthra’s husband, the main accused, Sooraj, had purchased from Suresh and was bitten by the snake. Until July, the snake aficionado was a suspect in the crime, but he was later cleared.

Suresh’s cross-examination before the Kollam Additional District Court was concluded on Thursday afternoon, according to court records. Sooraj killed Uthra solely because Suresh had given him the poisonous snake, claimed the latter when the defence counsel informed him that he was not the perpetrator of the murder. Sooraj admitted to murdering his wife by placing the cobra, which he purchased from Suresh for Rs 10,000, in May, after he was apprehended and taken into custody. He had tried to kill his wife with a viper, which he had also bought from Suresh, only a few months before that incident. Suresh allegedly said in his petition to become an approver that he was not aware of the reason for the purchase of the snakes in question.

Suresh’s cross-examination in the police case has been finished, but he will still be sent to prison since the Forest Department has filed three charges against him for possessing poisonous snakes. According to Manorama Online, forest authorities have submitted a charge sheet in one of the three instances under investigation. Suresh was reportedly raising cobra hatchlings to supply clients with ‘extremely’ poisonous snakes, according to police authorities.

According to reports, the Forest Department also discovered recordings showing Suresh capturing and selling vipers and cobras, which he had sold to Sooraj in the past. Suresh even made a point of identifying the snakes during the cross-examination the next day. Suresh and Sooraj will be sentenced to seven years in jail under the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 if the accusations brought against them by the Forest Department are proven to be true.

It was Uthra’s husband, Sooraj, who had purchased the cobra from Suresh and had put it in their bedroom, where it would be sure to bite her. His wife died slowly from the poison, according to authorities, since he was already in the room when the snake bit his wife and slept next to her on the bed while she died slowly from the venom.

According to the charge sheet filed by the investigative team, Sooraj had scoured the internet for information on snakes and poisons before settling on a viper snake as his target. It was in March 2020 that he attempted to kill Uthra by renting a viper snake from Suresh. “She was unable to walk and was confined to her bed for 52 consecutive days. After being bitten by the snake, she also had to undergo plastic surgery, according to the police department.

Because Uthra was able to recuperate from the snakebite, Sooraj chose to employ the cobra. As Crime Branch Deputy Superintendent of Police, A Ashokan had previously said to TNM, forcing her to be bitten by a more poisonous snake (Indian cobra) while she was still recovering from the first attempt amounted to “brutal murder alone.”

According to the police, Sooraj used to steal money from Uthra’s parents and had a desire to terminate his marriage to Uthra, who had certain physical limitations, according to the police report.

The Crime Branch will prepare a charge sheet against Uthra’s in-laws, which include Sooraj’s father, Surendran, his mother, Renuka, and their sister, Soorya, between now and the end of this month. They were taken into custody for suspected domestic abuse and for allegedly aiding Sooraj in the murder of Uthra.

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