A lady in traditional Indian clothing, who gets up even before the sun rises and the chicken awakens, welcomes every one of her seniors, gets done with all her family tasks and afterward petitions God for the prosperity of her significant other and relatives is the most acknowledged picture of a ‘sanskaari’ Indian lady.

India is a place that is known for expanded societies however next to these vivid customs, there exist a few limitations and a bunch of rules and guidelines in our country which are called ‘sanskaars’, and any individual who breaks the standard even a tad, particularly ladies is portrayed as a scoundrel. In this 21st century, when ladies have outperformed all limits and surprisingly advanced toward space, an idea actually wins in our general public that ladies are bound to be restricted to the four dividers of the house, and the kitchen is their subsequent home. Such predispositions and biases against ladies bring down their certainty level, however shortens their advancement also. Indian culture forces their musings and restrictions on ladies, and there are sure things which are generally typical for a man to do, however on the off chance that regardless a lady dares to do those things, she is said to carry shame to her family. Thus, it is vital for every one of the young ladies to think about things they can never consider doing, as that may grab the ‘sanskaari’ tag from them.


While drinking and smoking are typical regular decisions for a man, however for a lady, it is the most trying undertaking which she should do on the grounds that these things don’t exactly measure up for a young lady coming from a ‘decent house’. Taking everything into account, smoking and drinking is harmful for everyone even for men and even for women except it is an irony of fate that ‘smoking crumbles a man’s wellbeing however a lady’s character’. A lady getting a charge out of a beverage and puffing some smoke rings welcomes gazes as though they are aliens. But now it all depends upon the individual’s life because it’s personal decision.  


Globalization firmly affects our dressing sense, food inclinations and numerous other such things. We have accepted western culture earnestly, and wearing western garments is actually quite normal these days. It is just about as much a decision as wearing some other Indian dress. Indeed, men in country regions are likewise seen wearing western garments, and no one has any complaint. But then, in 2018, if a lady who was brought up in a city wears a short dress, we set aside no effort to mark her as ‘characterless’. It’s anything but a significant shock for me when I heard an accomplished individual from my family offering such expression that any young lady who is polished and popular can never be contemplative, yearning, scholarly and genuine. Earnestness and being popular clearly share an opposite relationship. The more popular you are, the lesser is your genuineness. Some spirit shaking events like assault, which is a significant reason for concern today, is the deficiency of a short lady dresses and ‘prompts’ the rapists. In any case, we actually don’t have a response to the inquiry that how young ladies figure out how to prompt the rapists?


Most ladies in India are not permitted to carry on with life in their own specific manner. They can’t have any aspirations and shouldn’t live alone for seeking after their fantasies, on the grounds that a lady’s person is ‘as delicate as a glass’, assuming there is even a solitary scratch, that can ruin as long as she can remember, particularly her shots at getting hitched. Furthermore, consequently, she can’t face that challenge of being single and living alone. All things considered; she is needed to accomplish her definitive objective of getting hitched to her man ‘rescuer’. What’s more, if the woman used to acquire prior to getting hitched, she should leave her place of employment if her significant other needs her. It is fundamental for her to forfeit every single craving in her life and submit to her better half’s requests to convey forward her marriage since penance and being ‘pativrata’, or acting as indicated by the spouse’s orders are the two significant qualities of a ‘sanskaari’ lady.  


It is a no-no for a lady to talk a man or have male companions. ‘Ek ladka aur ek ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte’ (A young lady and a young boy can never be simply companions); this is quite possibly the most widely recognized sayings in India and subsequently assuming a young lady and a person are seen together, they are either seeing someone the young lady is ‘that sort of a lady’. Companionship between the two can’t occur.


Travelling alone or with friends is a clear NO for a lady. Many can’t imagine going through a night outside the house with companions. They’re given a cutoff time inside which they need to reach back home. Truth be told, there’s a feeling of dread that is continually alarming them when they are out around evening time. Subsequently, wandering out late around evening time is a courageous task and is something which is un-sanskaari for a lady.

There are lot of such things which are standard whenever done by a man, however end up being unusual and phenomenal if a lady does likewise.

In the event that she needs to wear a saree or a short skirt, it is her own decision and will. It’s anything but about slighting your elderly folks or being hostile to society rather it is tied in with representing your privileges and against the insignificant limitations and inconveniences which debases a lady’s advancement and improvement.

Aishwarya Says:

I have always been against Glorifying Over Work and therefore, in the year 2021, I have decided to launch this campaign “Balancing Life”and talk about this wrong practice, that we have been following since last few years. I will be talking to and interviewing around 1 lakh people in the coming 2021 and publish their interview regarding their opinion on glamourising Over Work.

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