A Known Relationship: world within our families

From the day we are born, our parents teach us to be aware of the strangers we meet. That we should be careful whom we call our friend; we should be careful whom we let hold our hands. They tell us that the outside world is not as sweet as it looks like, it has its own devilish side. But about the world that lies within the families, those people are not strangers, family is supposed to be loving, family is supposed to help you walk the right path. But what if it is the one thing that deviates you from your set path. It ends up traumatizing you. Why don’t we teach our kids that we need to be more careful when we are with “Family”. Why don’t we teach them that the world we live in with our family is more devilish than the world with strangers? In India every 15 minutes a rape is reported.

In almost 94% of the cases, the offenders were known to the victims – family members, friends, live-in partners, employers or others, the data showed. [1]So why don’t we teach our kids to be safe from the ones whom we call our own? Every 4th rape victim in India is a minor, who does not know what is happening with them, because family is supposed to be loving but living with a devilish family is more traumatizing than living with a stranger. Because at least with strangers we are careful, but with loved ones, we tend to be free. This study investigates rapes within families. In 15,972 of the total 33,356 rape cases reported in 2018, the offenders were either family friends or neighbours or employers or another known person, while in 12,568 cases, the offenders were friends or online friends or live-in partner on pretext of marriage or separated husband, the data states (NCRB data).[2]

At the age when little kids are supposed to be playing with their fathers, their aunts, their cousins, and 1 out of 4 are getting either sexually molested or raped by one of their role figures. And the fact that they don’t even know what’s happening with them is disgusting. By the time they understand what happened or is happening with them it’s already late. How is a 5 year old is supposed to know what’s the meaning of “RAPE”, how do we expect our little kids to stand against their fathers, brothers, all they know is, ‘ Father and Brother loves me.’ They will shut their mouth if you give them a bar of chocolate because for them it’s all that matters. Why don’t we first teach our little kids to be aware of the ones present in our house?

Why don’t we talk about sex education with our kids that might help them get aware of the devil creatures, teach our kids that if it pains and in return they offer you a bar of chocolate to not tell about this filthy secret to anyone IS NOT OKAY?  The real Satan lives with us & ready to do the satanic things to us whenever he gets a chance. Is touching your daughter okay, is touching your son okay, is touching your cousin okay when they are in the stage where they look up to you !! Why don’t we teach our kids to be safe from the ones we call family. Is keeping quiet the solution of it?  Let’s make our children aware of serially uncomfortable behavior shown by any of the predators known or unknown, so they can sound the alarm and reach out to the much-required help at the earliest possible point in time. Let’s start teaching our kids to be strong to fight against the demons we live amongst.

[1] https://citytoday.news/in-india-every-4th-rape-victim-is-a-minor-94-knew-their-offenders-ncrb-data/

[2] https://www.financialexpress.com/india-news/ncrb-2018-data-every-fourth-rape-victim-in-india-a-minor-94-victims-knew-offenders/1819123/

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