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National Interest is a condition of wanting to know or learn about. In international relations, national interest is an effort to describe the underlying rational for the behaviour of states and statesmen in a threatening international environment, that preserves and protects one’s values against others. Every country seeks to promote and further its national interests of the country. The primary interests of each state are self-preservation, security and well being of its citizens. Firstly, it establishes a hierarchy of foreign policy priorities to avoid the ineffective use of resources and overextension. In addition, clearly stated national interests provide society with strict criteria for evaluating the policy conducted by those who make foreign policy decisions. Thirdly, national interests ensure both continuity and timely adjustment of key aspects of the policy.

Considering the India’s primary national interest as state’s survival, security and maintaining strong relationship with other countries, India’s national interests are

Energy security, which deals with the prolonged desire of nuclear fuel and nuclear technology. Securing unity and territorial integrity with China and Pakistan – During this process, India should maintain stability in government and peace for its fellow citizens. The conflict between India-Pakistan will be resolved only when the social-political changes occurs in Pakistan. Improving influence among the Asian countries by providing security and military intelligence to the smaller countries.

The first priority was given to the advancement of the social and economic sector after the independence in 1947 but due to the shortages in defense sector, the progress in those fields were reduced. There has been a continuous increment of economic growth over the past three decades and reduction in people below the poverty line. This change was only possible just because of the closing the gap of inequality in India. Essentially the main aim of the Indian government is to satisfy the progress in defense and development of the state as whole. Owing to a bigger surface area, free India did have a complex security situation which it failed to address it at full concern and allocating only 1.5 to 2.8 per cent of the GDP.

As India is considered as one of the fastest developing countries in the world, it should look in reducing the poverty stuck people by improving the socio-economic conditions and creating more jobs for the people in the country. India is posed with the biggest challenges in the development of social and economic sectors because it should consider the development of the middle class by eliminating the regional inequalities and social imbalances and also have a close look at the overseas Indian population. As we step into the 21st century, there are some factors from the other countries which influence the political, military and economic behavior of India.

 Trade also serves as one of the important issues for the development of the country, it not only helps us for the domestic economy but also for the foreign policy as a whole. Foreign cooperation with other countries, security developments and trade together helps India to be independent in the world. Promotion of democratic development is possible only when all of the above policies progress in the future.

Achieving greater freedom in the Indian subcontinent in trade and investment.

These national interests are set to change from time-to-time according to its fulfilment.

As India is considered as one of the fastest developing countries in the world, it should be well equipped in terms of defense and military operations. In order to keep up the momentum going, India should come up with some policies which are helpful in reducing the poverty. In order to achieve these goals, India should maintain a good relationship with its regional countries and also with other countries like the countries in Middle East, Central Asia, Indian Ocean regions and South East Asia. This makes meaning as to why India’s stance on Non-Alignment serves as the core National Interest of the country

Even though India has been trying hard to maintain secure environment, it has failed to do so because of the threats from the anti-social elements. India has also increased their defense budget and has also acquired some war-heads and combat aircrafts from other countries. Indian government is also trying to make the better use of people’s money by updating their weapons and bringing confidence to the public. India as it goes by the roots, it takes democracy to attain peaceful and a secure country. As India is growing rapidly, it has to have a safe, secure and a stable neighborhood. Hence, India is ready to join and perform any security measures at the international level or regionally to bring stability and peace to the world. India should also provide security to citizens by reducing the riots in the country. It should also provide a secure environment and support for the people of India who live overseas. India owing to its multicultural society and a unique democracy has ability to be considered as an example to many other countries to live peacefully. India in the recent years has opened its economy to foreign investors and is also providing rebates for their establishment.

This has in-turn helped to boost the Indian economy from the FDI’s and reaped good dividends from the markets. All these rapid developments and investments are only possible if India enhances its security and defense in the coming years.

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