Kalki Avatar: The End of Kaliyuga and Kali

Kalki Avatar is the Avatar of Vishnu Narayan Ji to  come in Kaliyuga to establish Dharma. Lord Vishnu Ji have taken Avatar in form of Narsimha , Mohini, Buddha, Vaman, Matsya, Varah, Takshak,Parshuram, Ram, Krishna and some more. When the end of the world will happen then the Kalki Avatar ji will come and take away the life of “duracharis” The lord will fight with countries and Volcanic eruption, earthquake, tsunami, drought, flash floods, Cyclones , Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Asteroid and many more calamities will take place.

According to great saints it is hinted that Kalki Avatar ji has come and in this decade the dharma reinstallation process will continue. 

There are Four Yugas Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga and Kaliyuga and these combined form one Mahayuga.

According to scriptures one Mahayuga is of lakhs of year but some enthusiastic researchers had found that our scriptures has been modified and adulterated and real Mahayuga is of 25920 years only and Yugas travel from Satyuga to Kalyuga in 12960 years and from Kalyuga to Satyuga transiting from dwapar and Tretayuga it takes also 12960 years.

So, like this one Mahayuga completes in 25920 years long following two cycles.

In some of scriptures it is written that Kaliyuga is of 4,32,000 year of which around 5000 year are over but in bhavishya malika their is written that due to cow hunt and assassination of saints and adultery and many other crimes Kaliyuga age is decreased.

You would be surprised to know that we have a scripture known to be bavishya puran which tells us about about future and it’s all predictions has come true but the predictions from 1900 to 2200 are being removed or are intentionally made lost.

And it is also predicted that around 2035 Satyuga establishment will happen.

And world war 3 will happen before this period only. The world order will change and nuclear wars will happen and absolutely a large population will vanish away in few seconds.

It is also mentioned in bhavsya malika that only 64 crore people will be able to go into the Satyuga out of population of 750+ crore.

We can have an idea of all this happening from the predictions of many people of past like of “Nostradamus”,”Baba wanga” and many more. 

The all time hit cartoon show which does predict everything which will happen “The Simpsons” also predicts World War 3 around to end in 2031.

Kaliyuga lakshans were shown by lord Krishna to Pandavas as in 5 forms – A vulture with Vedic Mantra on its wings(meaning the saints will become corrupt and will eat non vegetarian food), a cow on 1 leg representing that in Kaliyuga only 25 percent people will be honest and

75 percent dishonest, an elephant representing half trunk cut,

Kalki Avatar will be the last Avatar of God Vishnu.And there is also a story that Maa Vaishno Devi will then marry them as they in their Ram Avatar has promised to her in TretaYuga. 

In Christain also their is a theory and predictions of from where will World War 3 begin it is said to be estimated to begin with Israel and Islamic nations signing a 7 year peace treaty. The person who will make this peace treaty will be Kali in actual but Israelians will treat it as a messiah. 

Nostrodamus prediction that states the world war 3 will start when a submarine full of weapons will come on the shore of Italy. And in it the spreading of a pandemic especially in France will happen. And Europeans and Islamic nations will also fight. He also have some other predictions related like the “International court of Justice” will come to India. Their is relatively less reference of India but their is hint that a vast bloodshed will happen in ‘Gange’ which is not surely indicated as there is a city in France with the same name and a river in India.

In his predictions there is also there that moon symbol associated religion will vanish.

And the predictions of Surdas and Ravidas also hints us of Satyuga coming soon after ending of this Kalyuga.

Surdas ji predictions goes like “san 1900 ke upar aiso yog bane charo disha kaal firre” and all.

Ravidas ji also hinted of a Mahamari spreading and killing and biological warfare. And he also said that corrupted politician will be punished and adharmis will not be spared.

And afterall there are also hints from Sri shankaracharya of Puri that soon democracy would be removed and monarchy could get establish.

And the time is seeming to be much going like these prophecies. 

Some saints had also said that nature is revenging on humans and they had harmed nature a lot.

And there’s a great saying in GodZilla movie if you might remember which was that human thinks himself to be the creator or god whereas a simple blow is sufficient to make him experience his limits.

We all know that there is a supreme entity above us and we have souls and we are going to reap what we had sowed till now which is often said ‘Karmo ka fhal’ or outcomes of your Karmas.

The nature as showed it’s rage and is going to show more if our actions don’t become good.

Now is the time to move towards meditation and know oneself and do spiritual sadhana to gain spiritual upliftment or else there is going to be a dreary end of large population of human.

And a slokha from Mahabharata tells when will god come on earth

“Yada yada hi dharmasya galanibharvate bharata abhyuthanam dharmasa tadatmanam srijamyaham

Paritranay sadhunam vinashaya ch duskritam dharmasansthapanarthaya sambhavami yuge yuge”

In brief it means lord will come on this earth when crime will rise and for dharmasanstapan or restoration they will do everything and in each and every yuga.

And this decade it to be predicted by many saints as dharma restoration decade which can certainly bring more hazardous situation to humans as human must come to track should adopt high virtues.

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