Truth or Imagination.

Harry woke up. It was on 15 April 2015. A usual morning, a usual day but not for Harry. He felt something, in starting he couldn’t figure out what was that but after a few minutes he discerned. That ‘something’ was EMPTINESS. He felt vacant but why? He lived alone. His mother was with his stepfather in London.

He sighed and said,
He went to the washroom and while he was returning his eyes caught something. He was shocked completely shaken. It was a frame, a photo frame. There were a lady and two children with Harry in that photo couldn’t recognise them. He never saw them in his entire life. He seemed happy in that photo. Then his eyes spotted another shocking thing. On the right side of the frame, was jotted FAMILY. This time he was terrified.
” How can this be even possible?” – He murmured.

“Is this, my wife and children”.
” But why can’t I remember anything?”

Terror-stricken he face-timed his Mom.

” Hi, honey. How did you wake up so early today?”- asked him, Mom?
“M-O-M, I want you to answer me one question”.- Harry in a broken voice.
” Harry? Is everything okay baby? Why are you sounding so tensed? ” – She asked anxiously.
” Mom Am I married?”
His mom laughed but suddenly her laugh turned into distress. He knew something was going on with Harry. She knew what it was but feared to make that real, again.
“Harry. Why are you asking me this? Last I remember you were with Rebekah and too two years back.”
” Exactly Mom. But I saw this photograph on my shelf today. I can’t recognise this lady and children who are with me in this. See Mom see yourself”. – Harry bought the frame in front of the camera.

There prevailed a noticeable difference in her Mom facial expression.
” Harry. It’s you with me and your cousins. “
Harry saw the photograph again. Yes, It was his Mom and his cousins but How came that be possible.

” Mom. I swear. It’s not the same photograph.”- He expressed. He was petrified.
” Harry. Calm down. Are you seeing your psychiatrist or not?”
” No, Mom. I am absolutely fine. Last time I did tell you that I don’t hallucinate things but you didn’t listen to me. “

“But Harry..”
“No, Mom. I did a mistake calling you.”
Harry hung up the call.

He breathed heavily.
” I need a coffee”.
He put a saucepan on the stove. As he was putting milk in it, he heard someone opening the fridge at his back. Quickly, he turned back and was terror-stricken.
There was a girl beside the fridge with a knife in her hand.
” Who are you?”- asked Harry in low voice.
He was very frightened.
” Dad, stop joking. I am here to take an apple because Mom says an apple a day keeps a doctor away.”- she giggled.

” Dad? I am not your dad. How did you enter my house? Where are your parents?”- Harry shouted?

The girl started crying and all of the sudden threw the knife at Harry, which hit his right hand two inches below his elbow and gave him a slight but visible cut.
Harry woke up and gasp.
“Oh, that was just a dream. God Damn”.
He took a sigh of relief.
But wait. There is one thing he didn’t notice. His hand, his right hand, that slight cut on it, where it should be.

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