Faith and Life

Faith usually gives a religious connotation to the topic being addressed. But what is faith in its totality? Faith is the belief of an individual. It can be towards anything or object.

Some people believe in God, some don’t. Some have faith in divine yogi and yoginis some don’t. Some think time is god. Some feel it’s all a farce. Some don’t want to check their beliefs. Some go on doing whatever is done in the name of tradition. Everyone has their own term for faith.

Faith for me is devotion to a cause. Devotion can mean differently for different people. It is not just to be directed towards God. It can be towards a goal, a person. It all depends on what have been the circumstances and the experiences of a person growing up.

Faith in any individual reaches its zenith or its nadir at times of crises. Situations which make us feel desperate, vulnerable and need of a miracle are the ones where we need to gather all our courage and keep faith. The faith in ourselves must always remain. A self assured person will never doubt their capabilities, even after repeated setbacks.

History speaks of faith where it was once intertwined with economy and social circumstances. In the medieval ages since 12th century AD, there has been a silent movement that ushered due to various social reformers. Saints and reformers like guru Nanak Dev ji , Sant tukaram, Sant namdev, Ramananda, Ramanuja, Chaitanya mahaprabhu have exemplified the movement.

The bhakti movement began due to increased orthodoxy of the religious practices prevalent at the time. Before this, in the 6th century BC, we had also witnessed the growth of Buddhism and Jainism that arose against Brahmanical domination. Today, in the contemporary times we must note that the faith people has been shaken due to communal differences and riots.

Faith can drive humans to great extent of humanism. It can bring us to realise our goals and ambitions. Faith is more than a religious connotation. It means more. It means acceptance of what is, and pursuing of what can be. Because life is about changes, and changes require faith to happen.

Aishwarya Says:

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