“Let’s change the image of our country from “Scam India” to “Skilled India.”

A politics is that the set of activities that are related to creating choices in teams, or alternative varieties of power relations between people, like the distribution of resources or standing. An officer could be a person active in party politics, or an individual holding or seeking an non appointive seat in the government. Politicians propose, support, and build laws that govern the land and, by the extension, its people. Generally, “a politician” is often anyone who seeks to realize political power within the government. An individual actively engaged in politics, esp. Party politics, professionally or otherwise; usually, an individual holding or seeking political workplace was often utilized in a derogative sense, with implications of seeking personal or partisan gain, scheming, self-seeking, etc.


Ancient political philosophy is known here to mean Greek and Roman thought from the classical amount of Greek thought within the fifth century BCE to the top of the Roman Empire within the West within the fifth century metal, excluding the event of person and Christian ideas concerning politics throughout that amount. Political philosophy as a genre was unreal during this amount by Plato and, in effect, reinvented by Aristotle: it encompasses reflections on the origin of political establishments, the ideas accustomed interpret and organize political life like justice and equality, the relation between the aims of ethics and also the nature of politics, and also the relative deserves of various constitutional arrangements or regimes.

Platonic models remained particularly necessary for later authors throughout this era, while the event of later “Hellenistic” schools of Greek philosophy, and distinctively Roman varieties of philosophical adaptation, offered new frameworks for construing politics from a philosophical purpose of read. Engagement within these Greek and Roman traditions of political philosophy among late antique students continued through and on the far side the ultimate abdication of the last pretenders to the Roman imperial throne in the Western a part of the empire in 476 metal, and additional still among medieval students and their successors writing in Greek, Latin, Hebrew, and (later on) Arabic.

The first states of types were those of early dynastic Sumer and early dynastic Egypt, that arose from the Uruk amount and Predynastic Egypt severally around close to 3000 BCE. Early family Egypt was primarily based round the Nile within the north-east of Africa, the kingdom’s boundaries being primarily based round the Nile and stretching to areas wherever oases existed. Early family geographic region was set in southern Mesopotamia with its borders extending from the gulf to elements of the Euphrates and river rivers. Though state-forms existed before the increase of the traditional Greek empire, the Greeks were the primary individuals known to own expressly developed a political philosophy of the state, and to possess rationally analyzed political establishments. Before this, states were delineated and even in terms of non-secular myths. Many necessary political innovations of classical antiquity came from the Greek city-states (polis) and also the Roman Republic.

The Greek city-states before the 4th century granted citizenship rights to their free population; in Athens these rights were combined with a directly democratic style of government that was to possess a protracted hereafter in political thought and history. We discover the chronicle origins of 2 key terms within the title of this text, “political” and “philosophy”, in ancient Greek: the previous originally concerning the polis or city-state; the latter being the practice of a specific reasonably inquiry formed virtually because the “love of wisdom” (philosophic). These ideas were transmitted on the far side the compass of the classical polis because the Greek city-states came underneath the suzerainty of larger kingdoms when an initial Macedonian conquest at the top of the fourth century B. C; those kingdoms successively were eventually conquered and considerably assimilated by the Roman Republic, later transmuted into an empire.

CHALLENGED  FACED BY INDIAN POLITICIANS:- India is that the biggest democracy within the world, that has taken large strides within the previous few decades. We tend to are currently the world’s third-largest economy (in buying power parity terms).

However, being an Indian you can’t resist ‘chalta hai’ (let it be) common angle. Moreover, for everything we’ve got ‘jugged’. however, in between this, we are able to not forget everyday problems, that still cause hurdles within the progress of the state. These social, political and economic problems are meant to be taken into thought, to boost the prevailing condition of our society. Problems like corruption, crime, condition of the road network then on, ought to be looked into directly. With the proliferation of data and technology, additional awareness is spreading among the lots. New organizations are development to seek out a fruitful answer to those issues. The activists concerned are extremely operating exhausting to eradicate these issues from their terribly roots.:

  • LACK OF INTERNAL DEMOCRACY:-This is caused by the concentration of power within the hands of a couple of leaders. As a result, positions at the highest are reserved for the leaders’ relatives (dynastic succession) or folks on the point of them. It implies that democracy isn’t found at intervals the party. All the powers are focused on party leadership and alternative vital leaders. The political parties are the face of democracy. They’re those who regulate the state. Thus for any wrongdoing in our society, the parties are ultimately cursed. They have to face this as a result of individuals have given them the ability to manipulate them. Thus they’re responsible to the individuals for his or her actions.
  • INCREASED DEPENDENCE ON CASH AND MUSCLE POWER: – This causes the party policies to be moulded by teams that offer these to the party. Criminals are active in Indian politics for many years, qualitative analysis back to the country’s 1st elections following independence in 1947. Back then, the Congress Party [which led India’s struggle for independence] was the middle of political gravity, and it contracted with criminals to mobilize or suppress turnout, present pre-election “goodies” or, in some extreme cases, capture polling booths. The crimes several Indian politicians are suspect of don’t seem to be professional crimes like corruption or graft, however serious offenses like murder, kidnapping, arson, banditry, rapes and a lot of. Last week, 5 states in Asian country began attending to the polls. One amongst them, state, features a population of some 200 million individuals. The enterprise is therefore huge that polling can come about in seven phases, opened up over February and March. India’s national elections are a good a lot of advanced enterprise, usually lasting up to 2 months from the beginning of balloting until ballots are counted and therefore the results declared. however, voters keep electing them and parties keep selecting them as their candidates. In 2014, some 34 % of India’s members of parliament long-faced criminal cases; 21 % long-faced serious ones.
  • FAILURE TO PRODUCE A SIGNIFICANT OPTION TO THE VOTERS:- This is thanks to the decline in elementary, philosophic variations among parties in most elements of the globe. Responses to the contradiction in terms have enclosed the read that voters vote to precise their preference for a candidate instead of have an effect on the end result of the election, that voters exercise a point of selflessness, or that the contradiction in terms ignores the collateral edges related to pick besides the ensuing electoral outcome. That for a rational, self-interested elector, the prices of pick can commonly exceed the expected edges. As a result of the possibility of exercise the crucial vote is minuscule compared to any realistic estimate of the personal individual edges of the various attainable outcomes, the expected edges of pick are but the prices. NOTA, or “None of the Above”, is that the possibility that permits the elector to formally register a vote of rejection for all candidates who are contesting. If an elector chooses to press NOTA it indicates that the elector has not chosen to vote for any of the party. The ECI introduced a selected image for ‘None of the Above’ choice to enable the voters to exercise NOTA. This image seems within the last panel on all Electronic pick Machines.


The Modi government continued It’s widespread to learn of harassing and typically prosecuting outspoken human rights defenders, and journalists for criticizing establishment and policies. In August, the govt revoked the special constitutional standing of Jammu and Kashmir and split the province into 2 separate federally ruled territories. Before the announcement, the govt deployed further troops to the province, close up the web and phones, and placed thousands of individuals in preventive detention, prompting international condemnation. The govt did not properly enforce Supreme Court directives to stop and investigate mob attacks, typically semiconductor diode by BJP supporters, on non-secular minorities and different vulnerable communities. Within the northeast state of state, a citizenship verification project excluded nearly 2 million folks, largely of Bengali quality, several of them Muslim, golf shot them in danger of statelessness.

The year 2020 was filled with challenges for world leaders. No country was spared from the COVID-19 pandemic or the connected economic, academic and national security crises. Problems with global climate change became even additional acute than they already were, with a record range of natural disasters, together with fires, hurricanes and droughts. And political science instability became a shared expertise inside and across nations, moving countries that are fragile for an extended time and people that were antecedently viewed as stalwarts of democracy and stability. These challenges act 2021. The challenges governments face are nearly universal, however leaders act confronting them would possibly vary considerably, betting on the govt structure and beliefs. As a result of the well-being of society as an entire is at stake, potential solutions to want to be comprehensive of all.


Economic and social systems usually increase the difference, which may then exacerbate a social polarization and undermine national safety and security. To reinvent a future that’s additional property, governments should address six core challenges, with a spotlight on reducing difference and promoting shared prosperity. Though every challenge is distinct, along they need important interdependencies, thus a failure to handle one is probably going to possess an adverse impact on others. This is often why an executive-level, cross-ministerial, cross-agency set up are going to be vital to success.

  1. ECONOMY:- More than 493m full-time-equivalent jobs, most happiness to ladies and the youth, were lost in 2020, and therefore the world GDP has declined by 4.3%. The International fund has noted that this crisis might need been a lot of worse if not for the sturdy government intervention. Governments have provided an unprecedented level of the support to businesses and voters through the direct funding, investments, tax reductions and targeted the distribution of products. This level of the support, however, has come back at a value of flying a government debt. The planet Bank is predicting a modest rebound in 2021, with 4-dimensional growth in the world output, contingent upon the broadscale COVID-19 vaccination success and government policies and programmers that promote private-sector growth and reduced public-sector debt.
  2. HEALTHCARE:-  It’s unreasonable, however world expenditure on attention was expected to fall by 1.1% in 2020, driven by delayed or cancelled look after non–COVID-19-related diseases or treatments. Though patients initiated cancellations in some cases, capability constraints have additionally been a giant factor—and all of this postponed care is predicted to extend attention challenges in 2021 and 2022. COVID-19 has highlighted hurdles in nearly each component of the attention price chain, together with provide chains, preventative drugs, medical aid and in-patient treatment facilities. Over succeeding many months, public health officers should have a twin specialize in surge response and vaccinum distribution efforts. Within the medium and long run, governments can ought to assess ways in which within which they’ll build the attention system a lot of resilient to cut back the impact of future adverse public health events.
  3. EDUCATION:- Before the pandemic, education reform was on the agenda in most countries. It absolutely was calculable that 90th of scholars in low-income countries, 500th in middle-income countries and 30 minutes in high-income countries left secondary school while not necessary life skills for navigating work and life. Temporary closures in additional than 180 countries at some purpose throughout the pandemic combined the matter, keeping a calculable 1.6bn students out of faculties. Most educators have worked tirelessly to deliver remote learning to students, however resources are restricted and results are mixed. Unicef estimates that as a result of college closures, 24m youngsters became dropout risks and lots of the 370m youngsters who trust college meals might expertise deficiency disease. additionally, to remodeling ancient education programmes to higher serve all students, governments should verify thanks to|a way to pave the way to a far better future via course of study, as well. Addressing state and prodding economic recovery can believe partially on adult reskilling programmes, as well as digital upskilling. Government leaders should additionally verify however pedagogy ought to be supported if the shift to virtual learning   continues. Academic transformation in the slightest degree levels can got to embody a mixture of digital enablement, course of study revision, the utilization of recent learning ways, upskilling of academics and structural design.
  4. NATIONAL SAFETY AND SECURITY:- The mandate of defense and security forces has broadened and can still be essential. Quite 91 of the world’s population has been under some kind of internment and border restriction since the onset of the pandemic. Police and security agencies, technology and personal contractors are wont to monitor and enforce restrictions. Additionally, border management policies still shift supported new information on the virus and vaccines. Crime, together with violence, robberies and pillaging, has increased in several countries throughout the pandemic. therefore, have political events, together with rallies and protests. Researchers speculate that internment, state and desperation among voters have contend a job in gathering these crimes and events. Some rallies and protests have conjointly been deemed “super-spreader” events, escalating COVID-19 transmission because of an absence of social distancing and mask sporting among participants. Digital security has emerged as a risk adequate or larger than physical security. Law-breaking has hyperbolic dramatically as governments and businesses race to become a lot of digitals. In a very post-lockdown atmosphere, governments should address risks related to their digital agenda, additionally to security and stability challenges associated with immigration, border management and political events.
  5. CLIMATE:- While the globe has battled COVID-19, the war against temperature change has continuing. NASA formally ranked 2020 as tied for the most popular year on record, and therefore the past seven years are the warmest in human history. Extreme weather-related events, as well as hurricanes, wildfires, floods and heatwaves, were prolific in 2020. Governments have set formidable climate agendas, with commitments to form policies, rules and incentives to accelerate decarbonization. however, only 2 nations are presently meeting their Paris Agreement targets. Several can be ready to build a positive impact through “green recovery” programmes and different connected measures to direct stimulation funding to wash energy businesses, property production and inexperienced infrastructure. Even governments that aren’t supporting a clean energy agenda should contemplate methods for disaster preparation and climate adaptation.
  6. TRUST IN GOVERNMENT:-  Disinformation round the world prices a calculable US$78bn annually, not as well as social group impacts. In several countries, it erodes trust in government leaders and influences the course of elections. The shortage of clear structures, roles and economical responses to citizens’ pressing considerations and desires solely compounds the loss of trust. Trust in governments rose at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, however through the course of the response, governments have return to be perceived because the least moral and least competent neutral, in line with the 2021 Edelman Trust barometer. Most governments didn’t pivot from ancient operational models to use the agile, whole-of-government approach needed for today’s interconnected, speedily evolving agenda. Ministries and agencies should work along. This crisis has additionally highlighted however a scarcity of clarity concerning the roles and responsibilities of national versus subnational governments leaves constituents feeling vulnerable.


Many critics attack politicians for being out of bit with the general public. Areas of friction embody however politicians speak, that has been delineate as being to a fault formal and crammed with several euphemistic and figurative expressions and usually perceived as an endeavor to “obscure, mislead, and confuse”. Within the common image, politicians are thought of as uninformed, selfish, manipulators, liars, incompetents, and corrupt, taking cash in exchange for merchandise or services, instead of operating for the final public smart. Politicians in several countries are thought to be the “most scorned professionals” however as time pass we tend to all ought to comprehend gift state of affairs because the whole word is facing a significant downside that’s COVID-19 during this not solely general public facing this malady however conjointly politician leaders undergo this virus because the enchained to a single bed “like an animal” whereas tormented by COVID-19.

Not allowed to go to the lavatory, and given a bottle within which to urinate instead. Unable to eat due to a broken jaw. Those were the conditions that confined Indian journalist Siddique Kappan delineate to his better half this weekend in a very telephone call from a hospital within the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. “He is in deep pain,” his wife, Raihanath, told TIME in an interview on Tuesday, on a daily basis before a high court ordered Kappan—who has diabetes—to be captive to a unique facility in Indian capital. “He isn’t receiving correct treatment.” Kappan, who is Muslim, was confined in October once traveling to the village of Hathras in Uttar Pradesh to report on the alleged ravish and murder of a Dalit woman that sparked nationwide protests over caste injustice and sexual violence. Police have defendant him and also the others he was traveling with, underneath a Draconian anti-terror law, of being a member of a violent cluster who was traveling to the state to incite disturbances.

Police same the boys “were attending to Hathras underneath the garb of Journalism with a really determined style to form a caste divide and disturb law and order state of affairs [and] were found carrying inculpative material.” His attorney and journalist colleagues say the fees, that carry a most sentence of captivity, are unwarranted. “India can never forgive PM Narendra Modi for underplaying the corona state of affairs within the country and rental such a lot of folks die thanks to misdirection,” same one in every of the tweets that was blocked in India once the Modi government’s legal demand. Its author, Moloy Ghatak, may be a cupboard minister within the state of West Bengal, wherever Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) hopes to defeat the All India Trinamool Congress party in elections this spring. On Wednesday police within the BJP-run state of Uttar Pradesh, wherever Kappan is captive, charged a person with “spreading dishonorable information” once he shared tweets seeking an chemical element cylinder for his grandfather. Yogi Adityanath, the state’s chief minister, has ordered police to seize the property of anyone spreading “rumors” of chemical element shortages.

Adityanath conjointly reportedly ordered “action” to be taken against hospitals that were news shortages of chemical element and beds amid a spike in cases within the state, that has the very best population in Republic of India. India ranks 142 out of 180 countries on the Reporters without borderlines (RSF) 2021 world press.

STRATEGIES TO CONTROL THE COVID-19:- Strategies within the management of a pandemic are screening, containment (or suppression), and the mitigation. the screening is completed with a tool like a thermometer to notice the elevated blood heat related to fevers caused by the coronavirus. Containment is undertaken within the early stages of the eruption and aims to trace and isolate those infected also as introduce different measures to prevent the sickness from spreading. Once it’s now not attainable to contain the sickness, efforts then move to the mitigation stage: measures are taken to slow the unfold and mitigate its effects on the attention system and the society. A mix of each containment and mitigation measures are also undertaken at constant time. the suppression needs a lot of extreme measures thus on reverse the pandemic by reducing the fundamental copy range to but one.

PREVENTION MEASURE GIVEN BY GOVT TO SAFE FROM COVID-19:- To prevent an infection and to slow a transmission of COVID-19, do the follow:

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, or clean them with alcohol-based hand rub.
  • Maintain a minimum of one meter distance between you and other people coughing or instinctive reflex.
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Cover your mouth and nose once coughing or instinctive reflex.
  • Stay home if you are feeling unwell.
  • Refrain from smoking and different activities that weaken the lungs.
  • Practice physical distancing by avoiding needless travel and staying off from giant teams of individuals.

CONCLUSION:– As we have gone through the information of sufferings of Indian politics in this we should under the problem of the each political leader and act according because we usually tend forget that the people who are in the higher post are humans even they face many problems each day inspite of that they are trying to make new policy for each publics which may satisfy their wants through govt. In this present situation not only Indian is facing the virus disease, but rest of the country is too but they ideologies is similar to all country comparative where people in Indian are non-corporative, and we tend to blame the govt that leader is not doing their responsibility work properly and not giving any solution for this but as a common public we don’t not following the rules given by them, as we can understand that middle class and poor people are suffering for their livelihood and cannot run the family properly due to less job but in this have you every forced on the changes of our environment, and the behavior our family members where before Covid-19 was not exiting in the country we usually keep the strong schedule in that we hardly spend time with our love 0nce.

But as this virus entered in our country we totally have chanced and stated giving importance to very small thing from cleaning our own house to helping the street animal isn’t that this virus made us realized that we should give attention to every small thing lets we all think about it .

But before I conclude I would say that in future if any of your children’s want to become a great leader and run our country encourage them by tell the facts of government because to run and control the country is the biggest task that everyone can’t handle with ease. To change the world by the government we firstly follow the proper instruction given by them and before judging any person it might be pm or a common people who are working under govt make sure you have to obey their rules given by them, I knew change the world completely without any corruption.

Aishwarya Says:

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If you are interested in participating in the same, do let me know.

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