Legalization of Prostitution:
Prostitution is considered a taboo in India and is not discussed openly and a topic frequently frowned upon, unlike talking about sex, people tend to avoid discussing about it. However, it poses a huge threat to the fabric and culture of Indian society for its role in weakening the institution of relationships, marriage, sexually transmitted diseases(STDs), abduction of children, unwanted pregnancy, isolation of prostitutes from society, physical and mental trauma, etc. It is reported that there are about 38000 sex workers in Delhi and now even more. The situation in Mumbai is more depressing and in West Bengal is a whole world out there. Thus there arises an emergent need to control prostitution and thus leading to increase in trafficking of females or children in general.

The abolition of prostitution is a mammoth task as it is an ancient practice and has existed too long, as it’s one of the oldest businesses in India, so totally eradicating will be impossible. Though it has been described to be illegal, it is still continued(not prostitution but the whole trafficking and continuing because getting new people for the business is impossible so illegally abducted). This could be due to a lack of enforcement of laws or due to the inability to restrict this practice, because limiting is a herculean task. To combat this issue, the legalization of prostitution could be adopted since abolition or ending it appears to be a daydream.
Pros and Cons of legalizing prostitution:

If prostitution is legalized- PROS:
• The State will acquire responsibility to manage brothels and it can fulfill this obligation by issuing a license to authorized persons thus monitoring the count of members involved and recording it.
• It shall also formulate guidelines regarding the age of prostitutes, overall maintenance, database on clientele, adequate remuneration and medical facilities to the prostitutes.
• By this method, the prostitutes can acquire some rights such as the right to medical care, the right to education of their children, right against exploitation and rape, and normal rights which aren’t available right now, etc.
• This method can facilitate the eradication of sex racquet operations, hidden and street prostitution, abuse of prostitute, forced prostitution, etc.
• There shall be protection houses established for those prostitutes who have lost their livelihood, or those who were forced into prostitution but do not want that lifestyle anymore, this giving them option to come out and lead a different lifestyle.
• Also, the government can impart training and basic education to these prostitutes so that they find other means to earn money and sustain their livelihood, and give a better lifestyle to their children and this create a safe environment for them.

On the flipside-CONS:
• Legalization of prostitution could be misinterpreted as the promulgation of prostitution or government actually supporting or encouraging practice of prostitution.
• This could pave the way for easy money for prostitutes and could encourage more women to practice prostitution(but somewhere it will be consensual).
• There is a great possibility that this could be a revenue-generating industry for the Government and thus can be used for generating high funds and used for their own benefits.
Thus the rules have to be stringent to regulate this industry so that it is not legitimized and that is the least the government can do to address this issue and think about it and do something about it rationally.

Facts about Prostitution in India:
• The Ministry of Home Affairs made a report titled National Crime Records Statistics in 2016 depicting crimes against women among other crimes in which prostitution was one of the first mentioned crimes.
• It is estimated that more than 110 women of all age groups have been abducted in a month for the purpose of forced prostitution. About 50 of them are girl children and now abduction or male children has been increasing for the same purpose. One-fourth of child abductions for prostitution takes place in the metropolitan cities.
• About 2300 cases were filed in 2016 for cases under the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act and about 100 victims are men, which is increasing year after year.
• Metropolitan cities namely, Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata are the major players in the prostitution industry.

The issue of prostitution has become the need of the hour and Governmental agencies are required to address this issue at the earliest. The legalization of prostitution appears to be more practical and feasible than trying to abolish prostitution as the government has been trying it for decades and hardly struck that note. The lives of prostitutes are saddening and it is in the hands of the society to evolve which could be catalyzed by the Governmental Institutions. The male prostitution industry is still unrecognized by law and it calls for due attention. On that note, laws shall be amended to include men along with women.

Aishwarya Says:

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