Men live in a society. They differ in their ideas, aims and ideals. Hence, there must be some ‘uniform rules’ to control their activities. Duh!! Laws.

The concept of law occupies a significant place in political theory. Law has closely associated with State that State without the law is anarchic and law without a state is meaningless.

The word ‘law’ is derived from an old Teutonic root ‘ lag’ which means something which lies fixed or evenly. The word ‘ law’ is also associated with the Latin word ‘jus’ which again is associated with the word ‘jungere’ giving the meaning ‘ a bond ‘ or ‘ tie’. The general meaning of the law is a body of rules to guide human action. It is the product of human interaction and endeavour.

The different meanings of the word ‘law’ may be classified as follows:
• Law means justice, morality, reason, order, righteousness, etc. From the point of view of society.
• Law means statutes, Acts, rules, regulations, orders, ordinances etc. From the point of view of legislature.
• Law means rules of court, decrees, judgments, orders of courts, injunction, etc. From the point of view of the judiciary.

Generally, the term law is used to mean three things:
• Legal Order. It represents the regime of adjusting relations and ordering conduct by the systemic application of the force of organised political society.
• It means the whole body of legal precepts which exists in a politically organised society.
• Law is used to mean all official control in a politically organised society.

Nature/Essential of law:
(1) The most dominating feature of the law is its uniformity.
(2) The law should conform to the principles of justice.
(3) Law is definite and precise.
(4) Law confer enjoyment of powers or rights.
(5) the law aims to ensure social order for the general good of mankind.

Aishwarya Says:

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