Paika Rebillion- The Untold Story of 1st Revolution of India

I ask all of you which is the 1st revolution of India against the British rule for freedom, the majority will answer the revolt of 1857, but in reality, the 1st revolution of India was the 1817 revolt of Paika Bidroh (Rebellion) by the Paikas of Khurda in Odisha, which completely shook the foundation of British rule in the eastern part of India. The leader of the rebellion was ‘Buxi Jagabandhu Bidyadhara’.

History Of Paika Rebellion

  • The meaning of ‘Paika’ is warrior or fighter in Odiya.
  • The style of their fighting is ‘Paika Akhada’ which was an ancient Kalinga style, patronized by king Kharavela.
  • Paikas are generally farmers who performed policing functions for their ruler ‘Gajapati’, but they also acted as a fighter whenever there is a need in the war to help the king.

They were divided into three groups-

Praharis– They were experts in fighting with swords.

Banuas– They were excellent marksmen using matchlocks.

Dhenkias– They were the archers in the front of a battlefield.

They were granted rent-free land for military services by the kingdom of Khurda.

Who was Bakshi Jagbandhu?

He was one of the freedom fighters of India who gave his entire life to the country. His full name was Bakshi Jagbandhu Bidyadhar Mohapatra Bhaarambar Rai, who is the highest-ranking military general in the army of King of Khurda Mukund Dev II. He was the person who led the Paikas to join the uprising.

Why they revolt?

After taking charge over Odisha from the Marathas in 1803, the Britishers started introducing the various system of administration, in which the land given to Paikas were taken over by the British Administration, due to which the King of Khurda lost his primacy, which angered him, so he planned to revolt and collaborate with the Paikas.

The Paikas have the full support of the King, and in 1817 under the leadership of Bakshi Jagbandhu, they revolt against British Rule. The Paikas started attacking symbols of British Power, police stations, offices, and many other places. The tribal also came to support them.

The revolt quickly spread to almost every part of the Odisha, like in Pupil, Purl, Cuttack, etc. Initially, they hold the battle and saw some victory, but later suppressed by the Britishers. Some still fought Guerilla Warfare against the British but almost after 1 year, the revolt was completely suppressed by 1819.

After losing successively, Buxi Jagbandhu surrendered in 1825 and lived in the jail of Cuttack, and died in 1829.All the others rebellions were given a death sentence or life imprisonment.

Recent Event-Related To Paika

In the 2017-18,

It’s a Great Tribute to the Paikas to remember their untold bravery against the Britishers.

Image Source: Odisha Diary

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