Okay, the first question is, what actually is stereotypes?
According to google: “In social psychology, a Stereotype is a generalized belief about a particular category of people. It is an expectation that people might have about every person of a particular group.”

Generally: Stereotypes is a social norm which is followed by most people, without questioning, how, why, where, or what’s the outcome. It’s just followed until someone finds errors or stuffers injury(legally) or a mere issue regarding the social norm.

But what’s the outcome of mere recognizing of the stereotype?
The outcome follows is CHANGE. Raising voices, speaking out, revolution, wars, etc. follows. It doesn’t have to be huge or country based or something huge to cause effect. Something insignificant or some small issue can cause larger change or impact on a lot of people at the same time.

To generally speak, what causes these changes? The answer will be change in generation, evolution, demands of moving forwards, accepting things, etc. Now in the world of Gen-Z, people know how to raise voice(not just shouting or causing havoc but speaking so that people hear), cause an effect, act accordingly, find solutions and further reaching towards the end goal i.e., change.

But why change?

Well due to change in time, mutation, evolution, etc., requirements change, demands change, and thus the want for revolution works. As with time, the appliances expire, so does norms with time. We cannot function sticking to a single aspect forever. And forever is a long word, the people creating the change won’t stay for long but the impact will help more and more and giving courage to many more not to stay silent.
Some revolutionary changes all over the world:-
• Supreme court of India deemed instant Triple Talaq unconstitutional. To this judgement havoc caused throughout India by the Muslim community was huge but in the end the equality demanded by women won.
• Black lives matter: The case of George Floyd brought into notice throughout the world about the deaths caused due to targeted mentality. During this motion, world saw the level of protests, unity, power of youth and the change.
• Pride: Homophobic people are everywhere. They cause general dislike for the LGBTQ+ community. The changes in laws of the nation and countries have at least made people know about it and people with no choices have choices. But the support in general from the Gen-Z and Gen-X people is just huge. To openly accept and further opening of bars and café’s, the impact is just brilliant.
• Nirbhaya and Priyanka Reddy protests: people throughout the country came together to show support and in demand of granting punishment to the accused. The candle marches, people crying together, the changes in the rape laws of India, etc., was recognized and in the end justice was served.
• And many more yet to come.

Speaking about stereotypes, there was once an instance. in a family gathering, and there was this newly married couple, married for about 6-7 months. Talks about jobs started I which the husband said that in his family, the wife was the first women to work because he allowed her and he doesn’t believe in gender biasness. But who gave him the authority to “allow” her. She’s her own individual person and earns equal, so why the need to ask permission?
Further examples:
• Women/girls wearing crop tops- looked down upon but then women/girl wearing sarees.
• A singles mom- nothing too big but a single father-a great job and difficult
• Girl who is virgin- everyone is fine with it, a man who’s a virgin- laughed upon
• Women dating younger men- so not okay but men dating younger women- is all okay
• Women getting up many times while eating but men won’t
• Women cooking: that’s common, but men cooking is extravagant
• And many more.

The day people recognize it and work accordingly, the world will become a better place. Breaking the Stereotypes is important and necessary. Hypocrisy and double-standards have to end. Generalizing things between genders and accepting flaws is required.

Aishwarya Says:

I have always been against Glorifying Over Work and therefore, in the year 2021, I have decided to launch this campaign “Balancing Life”and talk about this wrong practice, that we have been following since last few years. I will be talking to and interviewing around 1 lakh people in the coming 2021 and publish their interview regarding their opinion on glamourising Over Work.

If you are interested in participating in the same, do let me know.

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