The Farms Acts 2020

There are three bills passed namely   Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill, Farmers (empowerment and Protection )  Bill, Essential Commodities Act

A)Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce (Promotion and Facilitation) Bill

1. This act is enacted by the central government. It gives freedom to sell and buy the farm product at any place in the country within APMC mandies and outside them.

2. It helps to promote e-commerce in agriculture. The new provides an electronic platform for the sale and purchase of farm products.

3. The new Act allows direct purchase from the farmers at their doorsteps or farm.

4. Farmers have the opportunity to quote the price for their produce.

5. The other question arises of how the smallholder will benefit from the new Act. So they require price assurance and an outlet to sell small lots. This requires a collection facility or sale near the farm like milk.

6. In the Traditional point of view six to seven process were included from production to end-use. so the cost of margin increases. But now  FPTC eliminates the additional cost and it helps the farmer to directly sell the product to the customer.

7.It also creates a business opportunity for the rural youth, including farmers’ children in agricultural trading.

B) Farmers (empowerment and Protection )  Bill

1. The Farmers’ Empowerment and Protection Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm Service Act or the Agreement on Price Assurance is an improved version of the Contract Farming Act which has already been adopted by 20 states.

2. It removes the difficulty in various system of registration/ license, deposits,  and other compliance in contract farming provision in various states.

3.  Contract farming has been practised in India for a limited term. The first state of Punjab has initiated a contract farming Practice. It facilitated Multinational company PepsiCo 1988 for the production of fruits and vegetables in the state

4. Nestle has been enjoying a successful Partnership in the Moga District of Punjab in the dairy sector since 1961.

5. More than one hundred thousand farmers supplied the milk to Nestle in the Moga District which is similar to the “Agreement on Price Assurance and Farm services” Act.

6. The Agreement restricted to a).an assured price to be paid to the farmer as agreed between them and the sponsor before the production. b) To provide farm service to the farmer at the mutual agreement.

7. If any disputes arise then they can be solved by the Sub-divisional authority and collector or additional collector as the appellate authority. Recovery of dues will not be taken from the farmers Land.

8. if the sponsor fails to pay then he has to pay to extend to one and half times of amount owed and recovery shall not exceed the actual cost incurred by the sponsor on account of any advance payment and cost of input supplied by him.

9. Power to make rules or carrying out the Provision of the Act have been given to the State government.

C) Essential Commodities Act

1. The essential commodities Act says that the central Government may regulate the supply of essential commodities (agriculture and foodstuff) like cereals, pulses, potato, onion, edible oil seeds, and oils at the time of war, famine, extraordinary price rise, and natural calamities.

2. The stock limit is a 100%  increase in the retail price of horticulture produce or a 50% increase in the retail price of non-perishable Agri foodstuff over the price prevailing in the preceding 12 months or average price of the last five years, whichever is lower.

3. This Act does not restrict the power of the Government to enter into the market. Imposing a stock limit on onion on 23 October 2020 is used as evidence.

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