The educational industry was seriously affected in the aftermath of the global crisis triggered by the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020. Uncertainty loomed big among both students and educators as educational facilities were closed for an undetermined duration. eLearning app development, on the other hand, came to the rescue by offering innovative solutions that brought in a plethora of new remote learning methods. Innovative eLearning solutions have emerged in the year 2020 to meet the educational sector’s difficult requirements. These intelligent learning tools have completely changed the way people learn. The new normal is digital learning.

The growing trend of learning through digital learning tools has benefited corporate employees with busy schedules, but it has had a negative influence on a segment of the population. According to industry experts, this trend will continue in the next years. The most intriguing topic on the minds of stakeholders in this industry right now is: How will the remote learning trend affect the future of education.


  • The new online educational trends have had a particularly negative impact on underprivileged children who do not have access to the internet. They found it nearly impossible to finish their study.
  • Many parents are unable to afford online education because they have experienced income cuts or job loss as a result of the pandemic.
  • Due to a lack of experience and effective means of interaction, this abrupt change in teaching-learning approach has caused uncertainty among educators


Governments all over the world are attempting to develop open-source eLearning solutions in order to give education to all students, regardless of technical limitations. Even the most marginalized and impoverished students can continue their education thanks to mobile-friendly solutions and easily available online portals for teacher-student interaction.


“What modifications will be made to classroom structure or attendance during and after the COVID-19 pandemic?” many of you must be thinking. After COIVID-19, it is expected that the education industry will adopt a blended learning strategy. Blended learning is a blend of eLearning and face-to-face learning that allows you to get the best of both worlds. The intended outcomes of this method include an online manner of assignment submission and lighter school baggage. Furthermore, blended learning will focus on the traditional educational system’s current inadequacies and serve as a viable alternative if such crises develop in the near years.


Artificial intelligence has provided digital learning with novel ways that are far more intriguing and engaging than traditional methods. Because AI allows for the construction of personalized learning experiences that are suited to specific needs, this is the case. In the domain of higher education, where the one-size-fits-all approach fails, this type of learning is a boon. Adopting a personalized learning approach can assist schools and universities in addressing difficulties such as high dropout rates, a lack of student engagement tools, and so on. This method will also allow educators to keep track of each student’s progress, allowing for more effective education.


The rise of online education has resulted in a shift in the role of educators. Teachers, who were once thought of as “knowledge-givers,” are now being reclassified as “facilitators” in the field of pedagogy. Teachers are now required to help students efficiently use online learning resources so that they can become self-learning specialists.

Most professors were not adequately trained or prepared for the abrupt move to online instruction in the year 2020. As a result, educators must be given the required training so that they are knowledgeable about technology and can switch between offline and online teaching modalities as needed.


Assessment-related chores such as evaluation, designing question papers, preparing mark sheets, and others will be made easier with eLearning solutions powered by smart technologies. Teachers will be able to focus on activities such as improving teaching quality, developing self-skills, and creating more original course material as a result of this.


The COVID-19 situation has also thrown the job market into disarray. Professionals and freshers alike are opting for industry-ready courses to scale up their abilities and thus remain resourceful for a long time in order to preserve agility and stay up to speed with the latest skills such as AI, data analytics, machine learning, deep learning, and so on. The most popular choices are high-quality online learning programs and online training sessions. As a result, investments in EdTech products based on user intent question are increasing.


The adoption of digital learning design paths for Learning and Development is a new-age requirement. As a result, if your educational facility has not yet been digitalized, you should seriously consider doing so. To construct an amazing eLearning solution, choose a mobile app development business. The article “Key considerations for architecting an immaculate mobile eLearning app” will help you and provide useful information.

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