Generally, prostitution is the most seasoned and old calling. It is also mentioned in ancient text and mythology. In Indian mythology, high-class prostitution is as divine mythical beings going about as whores and referred to as Menaka, Rambha, Urvashi, and Thilothamma. They are the perfect embodiments of female charms, profoundly refined in music and dance.

So, when did the most seasoned calling, which holds a respectable spot in mythology and old writings turned into a shame that nobody needs to discuss?


 A gigolo or male escort is a man living off the income or gifts of a lady, particularly a younger man upheld by a more established lady as a trade-off for his sexual consideration and friendship.

The playboy is relied upon to give friendship to fill in as a predictable escort with great habits and social abilities and frequently to fill in as a moving accomplice as needed by the lady in return for the help. Numerous gifts, for example, costly dress and vehicle to drive might be showered upon him. The relationship may incorporate sexual administrations too and he additionally can be alluded to as “kept man”.


Crimes like online fraud, mental abuse, and physical abuse are faced by gigolos every day except a large portion of these violations go unreported because of the shame that the gigolo may need to face. The most disturbing crime in this profession is online abuse or fake gigolo for employment.

In a new case from Bangalore, a product proficient driven by employer stability started searching for alternative career   and end up losing over Rs. 80,000 to fraudsters in the wake of being attracted by an online commercial of an escort administration office. Subsequent to promising a task as a male escort or a playboy, the fraudsters separated cash from the nerd on the appearance of enrolling him and participation charges. 

Another case announced in Mumbai, where a 23-year-old lodging the board graduate was tricked of Rs 3.77 lakh in the wake of joining on a questionable dating site. The casualty was searching for a task online when the site popped up. He was cheated after he consented to fill in as a playboy. 

The previously mentioned cases are only the revealed ones; there are a few instances of misuse and misrepresentation that go unreported despite the fact that being a gigolo in India isn’t illegal. Either cultural humiliation or absence of appropriate laws prevent them from revealing the matter.


There are laws identified with prostitution overall however no provision recognizes gigolos or male prostitutes.

A few laws identified with prostitution in India are:

Suppression of Immoral Traffic in Women and Girl Act, 1956 (SITA)

Prevention of Immoral Traffic Act, 1956 (PITA)

Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act, 1956 (ITPA)

In the of Gaurav Jain v Union of India [(1997) 8 SCC 114; AIR 1997 SC 3021], the Supreme Court held that the children of prostitutes have the right to equality of opportunity, dignity, care, protection, and rehabilitation so is to be part of the mainstream of social life freely.

The previously mentioned laws for the most parts are for children and women. There are no particular laws for gigolos. Prostitution isn’t expressly illegal, however viewed as deceptive by the court.


People are having two faces, one to show to the general public and another is the genuine one. Clients of prostitutions are the ones that openly call this calling “the earth of society”. Be it for the sake of Devadasi, mukhi, jogini, or mathangi, this calling, which held a position of high standing and fundamental during supplications is presently peered downward on. Prostitution is viewed as a female business in India as well as in the vast majority of the spots all throughout the planet. Male whore or escort is certifiably not another wonder in India; it existed even in old occasions however not as normal as female prostitution. Legitimizing prostitution and authorizing laws are small advances that can be taken by the focal government in pushing ahead, yet not perceiving escorts and no laws for them is a stage in reverse.

Male prostitute experience the ill effects of mental, physical, and sexual maltreatment consistently and they keep on enduring because of absence of appropriate laws and humiliation they may need to confront on the off chance that they come out openly as a playboy. Altering attitude is a long cycle and doesn’t occur without any forethought yet the least government can do to limit their sufferings is to execute legitimate laws for the escorts.

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