problems of the underpriviledged

Problems of the Scheduled Caste-

a.1) Lowest Status In The Hierarchy- In the caste hierarchy the Scheduled Castes are awarded the lowest status. They are considered to be unholy, inferior and low and are hated by the other castes. They have suffered from the stigma of untouchability. Their image is considered to be polluting for the upper castes. Hence, they have been treated as the servants of the other castes.

a.2) Education Disabilities- The Harijans were prevented from taking up education during the early days. Sanskrit Education was not meant for them. Schools and other educational institutions were closed for them. Even today many of them are illiterate and ignorant

a.3) Civic Disabilities, Prevention, from the use of Public Places- For a long time the scheduled castes were not allowed to use public places, places and avail of civic facilities such as village wells and ponds, temples, hostels, schools, hospitals, lecture halls, dharmashalas. They were forced to live on the outskirts of the towns and villages during the early days.

  • Scheduled Castes- A tribe is a collection of families bearing a common name, speaking a common dialect, occupying or professing to occupy a common a territory and is not usually endogamous through originally it might have been so- Imperial Gazetteer of India

A Schedule Tribe refers to a “collections of families or groups of families, bearing a common name, members of which occupy the same territory, speak the same language and observe certain taboos regarding marriage, profession or occupation have developed as well as assessed system of reciprocity and mutuality of obligations- Dr D.N Majumdar


The tribals are faced with a number of problems some of which as discussed below-

  1. Geographic Separation- The tribals of India are geographically separated from the rest of population as they live in the unapproachable areas like deep valleys, dense forests, hills etc. It is difficult for them to develop relations and hence socially they are away from the civilized world
  2. Cultural Problems- The tribal culture is entirely different from the civilized people. The tribal people fail to mingle with the civilized people, their customs and practices, beliefs and attitudes are different. They are suspicious towards the civilized people. They cling strongly to their customs and traditions.
  • Social Problems- The tribals too have their own social problems.They are very traditional and custom-bound; as a result they become the victims of superstitious beliefs, outmoded and absurd practices and habits. Child marriage, infanticide, animal sacrifice, exchange of wives, black magic and other harmful practices are still found among them. They believe in Ghosts and Spirits.
  • Economic Problems- Tribal people are economically the poorest people. Majority of them live below the poverty line.

. Low social position in the caste hierarchy of Hindu Society

. Inadequate or no representation in government services

. Inadequate representation in the field of trade, commerce and industry

. Lack of general advancement among the major sections of a caste or community

CONCLUSION The overall conclusion that can be drawn from the above discussions is that poverty is the greatest sin of the society and no country would like to suffer its citizens from extreme levels of poverty, malnourishment, ill-treatment from people of different societies, illiteracy, economic instability, brain drain etc. Nordic Countries such as Norway, Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Denmark as well as the autonomous countries of the Faroe Islands as well as countries of New Zealand, England, USA, France, Netherlands, Japan, Canada, Qatar, Switzerland, Australia etc acts as a role model for most of these countries of these world in terms of reducing the level of poverty and improved quality of living. Countries such as South Africa, India, Pakistan, Sub-Saharan Regions, Latin America, Central Asia, Bangladesh, Nepal, South-East Asia etc have issues related to poverty, illiteracy, poor quality of living, poor hygiene, immigrant problems, problems related to health facilities, corruption in organizations which deal with these problems, poor sex ratio etc need to understand the need of an hour to improve the conditions of the lifestyle of the people and move their citizens out of the level of the poverty. Further they need to understand the importance of education because education is something which is the gateway of success and a key value to move out of poverty. This can be done through improving the level of education at school and college level, improves the enrolment ratio, improve the teacher-student ratio, improve fluency in mother tongue as well as vernaculars and English language and promote these languages, develop new schools, colleges, increase the level of education budget etc. That’s all can be done to remove poverty from each and every part of these world.

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