role of technology in law enforcement


The executive officials and police officers are supposed to hold the responsibility to maintain Law and order situation in the society to ensure the safety of each individual with active yet seem-less actions to escape the disruption in routine lives of citizens which often becomes more of a challenge for the forces given the possibility ,of overlapping, which exists in parallel with situations of obstruction and eradication of the disturbing elements.
To monitor a widely populated group of society that fall within the ambit of responsibility that is conferred on the police officials and dealing with expanded scope of potential threats also at time becomes a factor to pull back the expected investment of workforce with proper adaptability, another challenge. With an active ratio ( in regards with the population ) in India being less than 150 police officials per 100,000 citizens, the tasks delegated not only become over burdening but also act as a cause of delay as well. 
Specifically, the increase in police vacancies cannot assure the decrease in criminal activities at the first hand but frequent measures such as upgradation in technology can help law enforcement agencies (LEA) in performing their duties more conveniently for the public safety given the technology can act as a multiplier for the reason being the expanded connectivity and active engagements of citizens with it in their routine lives.

Technology has proved to voluntarily bind people together and the dependency of the society over networking can be woven as beneficiary for several fields which demand collective awareness. Some of the general factors can be observed as;
1) Quick access: Mostly, Individuals panic in getting their grievance redressal recorded because of lengthy procedures. The role of technology can not only ease the process but help in making the interaction more pleasantly handy. The digital portals nowadays act as more of a boon in the process of registration and quick redressal with curb to hesitation, adjustability of records, and fluency with transcript of incidents. 
2) Active connectivity: The Law enforcement agencies can directly with the help of technology connect with the Individuals at par to spread the word of awareness regarding frequent crimes which specifically also need attentive instance. Examples: Traffic jams, offender absconding, cyber crimes etc ,crimes as such which need alert and attentiveness to prevent the possibility of casualty or obstruction.
3) Detection of crime: Technology although not fully developed but satisfactorily has provided such means which helps the LEAs to actively resolve the cases with advanced developments and optable means such as digital footprint tracing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to match fingerprints, facial recognition of images, CCTV footage analysis in recognising vehicle by number plates ,tracking the whereabouts of the individuals etc.
4) Prevention of crime: From identifying the link in patterns of crime, location, supposed movements to AI usage in big data extraction to prevent crimes such as bomb blasts etc, technology can surely play a vast role for the LEAs to inject their measures adaptively.
5) Balanced management: The record of performances as;
• Time taken to file a charge sheet and actions adopted,• Categories of crimes and success rate separately,• Redressal time of grievances (Addressing of complaints),• Feedback from citizens etc 
are some of the factors that can facilitate the society, superior authorities, agency themselves to balance the record of their collective workforce with add on as Individual performance of officials for a transparency with the actions and fulfillment of duties.
6) Considerate real time IntegrationThe five pillars of the criminal justice system are police, courts, prosecution, jails and forensics. To counter with files physically and to have them recorded with all the distorted formalities has always been a bane for the system. Virtual yet real integration of the data entered can decrease the possibility of cloning, error, misunderstanding and so on within the system (Five pillars) which can further help in smooth delivery of justice.

1) Executive reforms: To imply the easy shift of workforce, the pending police reforms have to be considered as a burdening issue, which not only keeps pulling up the potential but also snatches the opportunity of upgradation. For the human element of workforce cannot be completely replaced as long as there exists no over stress of workload, the pending development yet is supposed to take very long to completely ace the situation in favour.
2) Parallel side effects of tech: From issues related to privacy to communal concerns, data retention and prevention of public disclosure policies to safeguard from misuse, financial considerations of the state interest ,the side effects of the technology also has to be carefully dealt with on parallel note when the steps are fully adopted.
The new technology transformation are introducing the easy methods for the Executive official to serve the purpose better ,the factors that can help in the prevention of the crimes at an early stage with a satisfactory success rate in solving cases. It indeed is the need of an hour to maintain the pace and comparatively from the global point of view to upgrade with the technology and effectively insert the outcomes with handy options that are available and can be mended for the beneficial in the public interest.

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