Being an adolescent, college is integral part of our lives and the biggest fear related to the college life is being ragged.It sometimes left us paranoid with colossal nightmares. While eluciating further one must know what ragging is.So Ragging is expound as an act of violating or perceiving to violate an individual student’s dignity. Accomplished in pretext of ‘welcoming’ the fresher, ragging is an emblem of how far the pervasive human imagination can extent. Indeed, human imagination knows no bounds, sowith the diabolic acts of Ragging. Although its a hue of “Initiation ritual” emulated in divergent universities for the sake of negotiation between freshers with seniors.

But now days its not for the interview or introduction purposes but it is amelioratig in the form of menace and a gradual form of rack for most of the college going students. Not only in colleges it is also practised in dicreate boarding schools and hostels as well.Where parents have the opinion that their child will be groomed but actually they will be doomed to the brutel activies of their respective seniors that they are ment to emulate.


  • Sense of Authority of the Seniors: A senior student nurtures a sense of authority for uplifting or boasting the morale of fresher and puts him on a high or let him drown down.
  • Peer Pressure: It is the hardest reality of all the time that niether of the all seniors who commit ragging enjoy doing it with their sweet will in those malicious. Sometimes its the fear of being left out when all of their batch mates indulge in ragging. So in order to avoid isolation, they toohave join the herd.
  • Fashion Statement: Most of the senior students have the colossal misconception tha tthey will be among ‘influential crowd’ of their college if the support the ragging.
  • Sadistic Pleasures: A potential ragger seeks ragging as a good opportunity to satiate his sadistic pleasures all at the cost of a poor freshmen’s imagination.
  • Tangible benefits: For the want of money, new dress, rides etc.

Henceforth, Government, civil society, college authorities and even the parents as well as the freshers should take the necessary measures with respect to it and take those measures strictly for saving many lives from ruining.

Very commonly people define Ragging as

 Breaking the ice but in reality it is breaking lives , families and carriers!

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