– Heart of unborn female child

Female foeticide is one of the graving issue in this contemporary wold of headway, this dilemma is concerning need of the hour. Henceforth , before elaborating about female foeitcide one must be acquainted with what female foeticide actually is.

Ascribing it we came to apprehend that in sooth
Female foeticide is the citation of examining the sex of the foetus and consequently undergoing abortion in the womb of the pregnant women if it is a girl child. Even after knowing it is illegal, many people abide to practice it.To escape themselves from offence they are flocking themselves to abroad to emulate this practice. This lead to unfair treatment to different gender in a particular society.In my opinion it is indeed shameless how one can do this brutal activity knowing the fat that mother has go through unbearable pains and consequences just to have a scant glimpse of her child .Not only this many people are habituate to female infanticide – the practice of killing the girl child after her birth.
This riot is on peak because of the narcissistic edacity for the crave of male child. Causing perils in the society regarding the gender based equality . This is not an rare under croft in recent times , this issue is continuing still ages. Indeed it is hierarchical hindrance. One must bring this to the notice of society as a whole.This malice is entrenched in all the classes and creed of our nation. It is like a sin and this scandal is so heart wrenching that people not before thinking twice kill their girl child in the womb only. Restraining the fact that they themselves close the doors for Goddess like Durga , Laxmi and Saraswati.

Relatively rich and educated families practice this remorseful activities. This flies in the face of ideas that backward women consider old rituals as ‘social ornaments’ . Amelioration with the ‘modern’ times now days women are truly intellect and have the perspective of indulging in receptive of new technologies , promoting family planning and wanting fewer children. Some of these fringes in reality tend to surpass lower self-reported ‘son preference’ among-est women of sky touching socio-economic status. Overthrowing the belief that male child is the only key to parents old age and lifetime security, and girl child is curse to their family causing economic drain to them indeed they consider she is a liability ,some have the opinion that in male chauvinistic society upringing of girl is not safe , Infact females are nowhere abaft from males in any of the field the grow by adjoining their shoulders to men.

As per the reports of 2011 survey:
The child sex ratio is in normal natural range in eastern and southern states of India, but it is somewhere higher in certain western and particularly northwestern states such as Maharashtra, Haryana, Jammu and Kashmir.
In 2020 also fluctuation in rate of sex ratio is unstoppable , 4.3 million boys are more than girls.
There will be huge repercussions if no one pay heed.

Certain measures should be addressed to uproot this ill practise from its origin. Government should take chronological steps to spread awareness, frame descriptive polices concerning it, medical licence of such doctors should be terminated and immediate action against practitioners exists, people forcing such sinuous crime should be penalized and more campaign like Beti-Bachao should come in existence.

From scant revamp in our mindsets we can gift life to a child who solicit it in silent sobbing .

“at the end Goddess is just a word,but a female creature unheard”.

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