Drug abuse – a slow poison

In this modern world of elevation , it is becoming a trend to cope up with the spreading nature of surrounding and opt all the amelioration. Without even knowing the fringes of particular commodity a hombre always emulate the latest drift in the fear of dillydallying . As per this scenario, one of the most common tide is drug abuse which is the pressing need of concerning.

Hence one must have acknowledgement:

So before enumerating further we must know what actually drug abuse is. Drug abuse is ascribed as
“the practice or habit of taking too much of a harmful drug or drinking too much alcohol a treatment center for substance abuse.”
– Oxford dictionary
In laymen language drug abuse is “ habitual consumption of illegal drugs .”
Most of the people use drug abuse and drug addiction interchangeably, in far sense both are different terms. Although, drug abuse is term for abuse of any drug I.e desire of consuming drugs even after it is causing problem to ones life . While talking on the terms of drug addiction is inability to halt the consumption even after lot of trials.
The drug abuse linchpin on the way a person uses drugs, while the drug addiction kingpin on the use of drugs and the psychological and physiological effects the drug causing to the body.

Drug abuse, a colossal dilemma is a manifold paradox comprising divergent hues of biological , social,geographical,cultural,economic and historical aspects. The putrefaction of the ancient joint family system, far away from the reach of parental love , affection and care in modern families where both parents are working and indulge in their respective jobs, retardation in orthodox religious and moral sentiments and what not, this command to a acceleration in quantity of drug addicts who take drugs to rescue from hardships of life. Whether it is Drug use, its misuse or abuse is chiefly the consequence of the incubate of the drug abused, the personality of the individual and the addict’ s forthwith surroundings. The abundance in procedure of industrialization, urbanization and migration led to the decay of traditional methods of social curb restraining a geezer susceptible to the fret and aches of modern life. The quick amelioration in social milieu, among other factors, is primarily subsidizing to the proliferation of drug abuse, both of traditional and of novel psychoactive substances. The orientation of synthetic drugs and intravenous drug use resulting to fatal diseases like HIV/AIDS. They has contributed a unheard of dimension to the hindrances, peculiarly in the Northeast states of the country.
Rise in Drug abuse and addiction is unstoppable and it paved its way to almost like never ending obstacle . As per the latest surveys, India comprises at least seventy million drug addicts. In our country India, the cultural ideal redo are gradually altering, the impotent poor class 13 suffering with economic perils while at the other end there are 13 massive increment in the upper class, all of this intermingle with the dwindling succor of family (henceforth because of increase work and western life) this is indeed bestowing preeminent to drug abuse and addiction.
Indian continues to yield drugs like pharmaceuticals, heroin, and alcohol which are amongst the most abused drugs. Infact, drugs like yaba, methamphetamine, ecstasy, cocaine, and crack are prey of daily basis abused throughout India.

Culminating all these facts, severe measures should be taken by the government for drugs- stricken youths to pave their way to correct path from astrayed aisle.

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