Modern History

Ramkrishna Mission

Swami Vivekanand founded the Ramkrishna Mission in 1897 to work for socio-religious reformers. It is also the educational center of the sanyasi of the Ramkishna mission. The childhood name of the Ramkishna was Gadadhar Chattopadhyay. He was born in poor Brahmin family in district Hooghly of West Bengal in 1836. He got very little education and came to Calcutta at the age of seventeen. At the age of twenty, he was appointed the priest of Kali temple of Calcutta. Ramkrishna Paramhans was guru of Swami Vivekanand. The childhood name of Vivekanand was Narendradatt. He was born in rich family at Calcutta in 1863. He was educated in an English school. Once he went to meet Ramkishna in Kali temple, gradually he came close to him and became his disciple. Vivekanand establish his first “Math” at Baranagar.

Later on, he travelled all over India and came in direct contact with the people. He realises the ignorance poverty and miserable condition of the Indian people. He went to Chicago in 1893 and participated in all world religious conference, and established his Vedanta samaj there. He then visited London and Paris. He afterwards returned to USA and finally to India. In 1897, he established the Ramkishna Mission.

Vivekanand represented the soul of Hinduism and it’s spiritualism. He pointed out the weaknesses of the Hindu religion and society. He made the Hindu realise the degraded position to which they had fallen and inspired them to gain their past glory. He suggested to the Hindu that if they pursue the path as shown by the Vedantas they would realise the soul of their religion and he able to build a glorious society and nation once more.
Vivekanand believed in the fundamental unity of all religion. He therefore preach tolerance, equality, and cooperation among pretty of all faith. Service of humanity occupied a very important place in the teachings of Vivekanand. He regarded education, emancipation of women and removal of poverty.

Vivekanand participated in building up the Indian nationalism. Thus, Swami Vivekanand made a solid contribution towards Hindu religion, culture and Indian nationalism. The Ramkishna mission, therefore, became a strong movement within the Indian Renaissance and is still doing useful service to the Indian society.

Theosophical Society

The word Theosophy has been continued by combining two Greek words “Theos” and “Sophia”. Theos means God and Sophia means wisdom. Therefore, Theosophy means knowledge of God. In Sanskrit, it is called Brahmo-Gyan. The society was first established by Madame H.P. Blavastsky and Colonel H.S. Olcott in USA in 1875. They were inspired by Indian be thought and culture. Later on, they shifted the headquarter of the society to Adyar near Madras in India itself in 1892.

The main principles of the theosophical society were:

To form an organisation of all people on the basis of fraternity of all.
Study of all religion, philosophy, and science which is found in every part of world.
To find out the laws of nature and development of divine powers in man.

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