“Education makes people easy to lead but difficult to drive, easy to govern , but impossible to enslave”
-By Peter Brougham

Although, education is defined as the tool to enhance one’s knowledge by instructing and making individual acquainted with systematic acknowledgement. Infact, man without education is like herd of sheep left untrained by the master, as immorally they move so as with the flocks of man.Henceforth, education is the weapon to overthrown the king of manipulation and exploitation

Education plays a vital role for exaggeration of literacy rate of a particular country. After the many years of subjugation India immensely pressed on the need of providing education to each and every compatriot. Therefore, after independence government decided to make certain amendments in improving the education system of India.

Before make oneself acquainted with the pros and cons of education system we must know what education system is. So education system of any country is defined as the a group of institutions ( local educational authorities,ministries of education, teacher training institutions, schools, universities, etc.) whose primary impetus is to lay out education to children and young people in educational settings.

Although, education system is one of the ancient system which stuck with the old age.
Henceforth, it needs massive improvements and reforms for ameliorating ineffective and annoying Indian education system . We are witnessed many people hold on orthodox Indian education system responsible for this issue. Mere cause of understanding that main objective of education is to rather explore the unknown not just pass cumulative examinations. However, the current education system gradually becoming burden for present students which require amendments.We can’t deny the fringe that our educationalist left no stone unturned for demolishing certain sort of issues but still some colossal hindrances need to be address.

Concerning the fact that budding students are losing interest in their respective studies and this is indeed a problematic dilemma.The acknowledgment we acquire from learned books is just far of ones reach and it is just unreachable, but by the way of computer-based education we can make students more indulge in the work rather than getting bored through hectic and pathetic inclined schedule by engrossing in those books . Although most of the times we we find thorough reading as testimony of boredom.

We are living in the era were science stream toppels the stream hierarchy. Plethora of people are in wrong acquaintance that only science stream students have higher pace if they tend to deal with science related subjects, no importance is given to other Arts and Commerce stream people considering that the student not well versed in their academics therefore they are opting those streams. Well, interest is the only thing on the basis of which one should opt his prescriptive subject.

In many of the schools students are grappled with the rote learning I.e only reading and memorizing without getting any knowledge. Government should take the baton in his hand and eradicate these type of superficial learning from normal education system because not everybody could afford to move IB schools.

Due to the undue pressure and students absent-mindedness the tend to grasp the whole syllabus at peak hours which felt like mountain cling track in one hour. This consequently result in no learning and blackouts during examinations. Thereof, rather then evaluating the student on the basis of 3 hour examination he should be latently examine through classroom performances and his curiosity to grasp and answer at random. This will enhance their interest in class and they will be ameliorate as intellect. Marks should not be the sole criteria and serve as their IQ card .

No one is left unknown that “teachers are like candles who enlighten the path of their students”.Therefore , our mentors caricatures the biggest role in framing the future of their students. They are like our second guardian who guide us by scantly determining our strengths and weakness. So , personal training to the students who are not so good with their academics is the pressing need.

So, main purpose of education is to enrich the person on moral social and practical grounds.No nourishment of greed regarding money and success.Earning name, fame and affluence is not be the sole criteria of education but the humanism is. Hence, teaching child the aspects of morals make him a truly educated man in all senses.
Cogitating all these enumerated fringes in mind we can amass our education system in the echelon of one of the transcendent system in the world.Then only we can cover the frame of this showcased quote of MALCOLM FORBES-
“Education’s purpose is to replace an empty mind with open one.”

Aishwarya Says:

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