Trademark Portfolio Management


Trademark Portfolio Management is management relating with trademark or service mark. It includes different task like renewal of registration ,infringement litigation, restoration of trademark from trade register, profitability of the business, purchase and sale of registered trademark

Trademark Portfolio Management services -The qualities , which make our trademark portfolio management services excellent and reliable are the following –

  •  It Involved   activities and tasks related  with Indian  and International  registration  of trademarks   marks .
  •  It provides renewals of registered trademarks  and service marks
  •  It provides Trademark watch and monitoring
  •  It maintain Trademark oppositions
  • ADR related  with a trademark/service mark
  • Trademark Infringement litigation
  • Trademark Prosecution  for various objectives
  • Trademark  related with acquisition ,  sale, or purchase of any registered trademark or service mark
  • Restoration of removed  trademarks from trademark register.

Following points relating with trademark portfolio.

Find out  trademark needs from the beginning:-

  • To understand brand’s  the trademark need is very important .
  • Have  a trademark strategy in place
  • Brand should  understand their trademark needs and maintain the trademark strategy . A strategy can also help trademark priorities.It is necessary to outline the goal ,   which helps to find out which products or services need protection and where.
  • Do  not forget social media and domain names
  •  Digital environment is where brand prove their worth . Social media helps the customer to purchase their E-commerce. Many brands fails to factor  social Media platform and domain names into their trademark efforts ,for this reason they face unexpected obstacles in the future.
  • Build a trusted agent network
  • Filing and managing trademark across number of countries can be technical nightmare.Different countries have different rules and regulation  and also language also be different  so it is difficult to maintain all this for a successful business mark . For solving this trusted agent network is very important .Outside the industries, the world of trademark is centred around the power of relationship and building of strong connection with the individual  who have knowledge of law of the countries and territories .
  • Conduct  an annual  portfolio review.
  • Unnecessary trademarks and letting your portfolio  gather dust  will lead  to severe headaches.  The trademark which is no longer need is necessary to remove  through the annual portfolio review.
  • Essentially, the portfolio review can  be boiled down to two questions.
  •  What trademark  do our brands currently have in place?
  • What  do we  need to have in place for the next 12 months.

Evaluate and analyse the two answers to act upon it.

  • Renewal of trademarks
  • Business should look their trademark renewals annually. If half of all trademark fail to be renewed , then many business do not last long  enough to continue their trademark. Renewing trademark is easy process. It can be done up to six month in advance.
  • Maintain the  budget
  • For maintaining the successful business . It is  necessary to spent the money in the cost effective manner. If in any business the money is spent half of the budget amount than it means , we have additional amount in our hand.For this , it is necessary to go regular audit, review the portfolio etc.
  • Consider professional and trade bodies
  • There are different trademark rules and regulation  in different countries. So it is very challenging for any brand or any business . some territories have straightforward  rules. Some country have complex rules and regulation relating with trademark . So, for solving all type of issues ,there are professional bodies and government agencies like International Trademark Association and World Intellectual Property Organisation and chartered Institute of Trademark Attorney  are great source for trademark brand. They provide help relating with changes in Law, gaining knowledge etc.


Trademark Portfolio Management  is helpful for managing brand’s trademark in different country .Trademark require strict level of specificity .For maintaining the profitable business ,it is necessary to maintain renewal of trademark, maintain the budget, maintain the social media and domain name. For maintaining trademark in different countries , we have professional bodies and trade bodies who provide us rules and regulation relating with trademark of that country.

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