Cyber Resilience

Cyber resilience is the ability of online systems and softwares to restrict harmful malware that might affect the working of and handling of data online. It is basically the ability to quickly react and prevent cyber crimes that are important in today’s time.

Number of cyber attacks on various countries like USA, India have increased in the recent years. A string of cyber attacks in the recent times have exposed vulnerabilities in the infrastructure. Even advanced Nations could not prevent them. This has reinforced the need to upscale the development to tackle such crimes across continents. Several high profile cyber crimes were reported in the USA in the recent months.

Cyber attack named solarwinds was discovered in USA which was believed to be initiated by Russia. North Korea is also in the list of countries who have tried to perpetrate cyber attacks. Even technologically advanced countries like South Korea have faced problems. Even though these attacks were civilian attacks they hold importance to know the vulnerabilities of the infrastructure.

Cyber arena has become the fifth domain of warfare. With increasing cyber attacks, wars have entered our homes. More importantly countries have been focusing on increasing the protection for strategic and military data. Recently a software called zero day has been recognised which has the ability to cripple a system completely and lie undetected. A whole new market lies about their fore softwares like zero-day and the world must prepare for its eventuality.

Ransomware attacks have skyrocketed and the demand has crossed millions of dollars. It has affected largely medium and small companies and industries. Banking, oil, electricity grids and healthcare data grids have become more and more vulnerable. With the pandemic raging across the globe, healthcare data is vulnerable to cyber attacks and can’t be afforded at the moment.

Private information of citizens has become the new currency. Cybercriminals want to claim vital data through cyber attacks and then ask for ransom. The capabilities and resources of the government will be strained for creating such infrastructure but it is worth it. The consequences of such attacks are gargantuan.

Taking precautions for cyber threats has become essential. Resources must be put to use in technologies like machine learning, artificial intelligence and quantum computing to put an end to the menace of cyber attacks. We must, at least, be capable at handling and addressing an upcoming attack in limited time to lessen the losses.

Therefore, with the advancing world, the dark world of cyber attacks is growing manifold. We must not turn a blind eye towards the possibility of a complete meltdown of global systems due to the threat of cyber attacks. The resilience of national and international infrastructure to prevent such attacks is essential to maintain global peace. Hence, collaboration and interoperability of data must increase between government and businesses.

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