This COVID-19 Pandemic has turned us into prisoners inside our own homes, inside our own minds and inside our own society. We are clueless about how and when will this end, allowing us adjust into this new environment. The number of deaths, number of sicks, the number of ruined families has caused us all into shock and constant fear. We are learning the new form of survival, maybe survival of the fittest, but at what cause? No matter what we will be in pain, with losing some friend, family, random acquaintance, or just hearing anything at random.

With this changed lifestyle there’s this challenge to make living a little bearable and prepare us for upcoming future endeavors. With everything evolving, to new home businesses, working from home, home schooling in general, ordering food, etc., everything is changing to something new. Life has become dependent on technology, be it education, hospitals, food or any other for that matter.

In this changed behavior of the world, students and children are facing the greatest crisis. From playground to school everything has become online based on laptops and phones. Providing education and conducting classes online, to making online/virtual friends, it’s effecting our sanity. Online education techniques has made everything at our fingertips and from home.

But where has this left us?
This present education system, has challenged years of face-to-face educational practice. To review it, it can be good to bad to evil. Good being- the students can now stay at their own comfort level and study with no travelling. It’s within our own reach and can be recorded to be referred later.
Bad being- the classes requires internet connection, and not all families and circumstances can afford this now necessity. From extra expenses to zero focus and seriousness from the students, everything has become a constant challenge for both the teachers and students. Teachers are unable to control the students, cannot understand the body language of the students and as a result, couldn’t understand the progress and if a student can or cannot understand a certain subject or topic. Certain families are toxic. Therefore school and people meeting there has been a distraction and an healthy let out for people. Thus causing interaction among each other has become difficult.
Evil being- the poorer sector of society is suffering a lot. For someone who cannot afford normal school expenses, daily internet connection to mobile phones or laptop is a challenge. The compulsory education up to the age of 14, has been a impossible. There are certain government policies helping them, to get phones but is it enough? They are suffering for the food, education will be their last resource.
To end this article, let’s hope everything becomes better soon. Because no matter how normal we try to make this situation, it won’t be. So let’s help who so ever we can, be it just with helping children of our own servants or any other person we can.

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