Why reforms are necessary in the UN and especially in security group and role of India in the same?

The UNITED NATIONS was set up, 75 years ago, with the principal aim of maintaining world peace and security. It has been successful in the decolonization process and preventing another World War. However, the 21st century world is very different from that 20th century and poses many new problems and realities.

The present humanitarian and economic losses associated with COVID 19 PANDEMIC are comparable to that of major wars and unemployment is worse than at any time since the Great Depression 1929. This has highlighted the challenges pertaining to the multilateral UN system.

Furthermore, there has been a general trend of increasing the number of challenges that are Trans-national in character (for example, terrorism, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, pandemics, climate crisis, cyber-security, and poverty). UN being the epitome of multilateral world order will be much needed in dealing with global issues.

Therefore, reforms in the UN are necessary in order to strengthen the UN’s effectiveness as a multilateral organization, bring more transparency to the institution and enhance its credibility.

Challenges Against Multilateralism in Present Times

Rise of New Cold War: Conflict between the US on the one hand and China and Russia on the other has become a new reality in West-East Conflict.

Divided West: Despite the enduring post-War alliances, there is a growing divergence between US and its European partners on many global issues.
Some of the differences between the US and the other powers is very visible in the IRAN NUCLEAR DEAL.

Ineffectiveness of UN: The UN has been unable to respond effectively to the once-in-a-century global crisis triggered by the coronavirus.

However, the veto powers possessed by the UNSC’s five permanent members are used as an instrument to shore up their geopolitical interests, regardless of the disastrous consequences for the victims of armed conflict. As it can be seen in Syria, Iraq, etc.

Further, It does not reflect today’s distribution of military and economic power, nor a geographical balance. Thus, the structure of the 15-member Security Council ought to be more democratic and representative.

This has been long overdue on the demand, especially from the so-called Group of 4 G(4) COUNTRIES— Brazil, Germany, India and Japan — which advocate a permanent seat for all of them.

  1. India deserves a permanent place in the council considering the size of its economy, population and the fact that it is the largest democracy in the world. India has become a major player not only in the Asia but also in the world.
  2. India has one of the strongest millitary in the world
  3.  The Security Council would be a more representative body if India would be there in it as a permanent member.
  4. India has the following objective criteria, such as population, territorial size, GDP, economic potential, civilisational legacy, cultural diversity, political system and past and ongoing contributions to UN activities especially to UN PEACE KEEPING OPERATIONS
  5. India follows the NAM (non aligned movement).
  6. India’s  largest diaspora in the world (18 million).
  7. India believes in the policy of Vasudev kutumbhkam which means whole world is a family .
  8. Vaccine Maitri is a humanitarian initiative undertaken by the Indian government to provide COVID-19 vaccines to countries around the world. Indian government had started providing vaccines since January 20, 2021. As of 9 April 2021, India had delivered around 64.5 million doses of vaccines to 85 countries, which has paid off now as we see help coming in from around the world.

Contributions of India at UNSC: India has served seven times in the UN Security Council.

1950-51: India, as President of UNSC, presided over the adoption of resolutions calling for cessation of hostilities during the Korean War and for assistance to the Republic of Korea.

1967-68: India co-sponsored Resolution 238 extending the mandate of the UN mission in Cyprus.

1972-73: India pushed strongly for admission of Bangladesh into the UN.

1977-78: India was a strong voice for Africa in the UNSC and spoke against apartheid and for Namibia’s independence in 1978.

1984-85: India was a leading voice in UNSC for resolution of conflicts in the Middle East, especially Palestine and Lebanon.

1991-92: Participated in the first ever summit-level meeting of the UNSC and spoke on its role in maintenance of peace and security.

2011-2012: India was a strong voice for developing world, peacekeeping, counter-terrorism and Africa. First statement on Syria was during India’s Presidency at the UNSC.

During the 2011-12 term, India chaired the UNSC 1373 Committee concerning Counter-Terrorism, the 1566 Working Group concerning threat to international peace and security by terrorist acts, and Security Council 751/1907 Committee concerning Somalia and Eritrea.

Earlier in 1996, India took the initiative to pilot a draft COMPREHENSIVE CONVENTION ON INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM with the objective of providing a comprehensive legal framework to combat terrorism.

India worked closely with its partners in the UNSC to ensure the listing of Pakistan-based terrorist Masood Azhar under the UNSC’s 1267 Sanctions Committee (May 2019) concerning al-Qaeda and ISIS and associated individuals and entities, which was pending since 2009.

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