“Did you know that using social media can actually help you to increase your level of thinking?”

A social network is a set of people who interact. A community social network is the pattern of relationships among a set of people and/or organizations in a community. Each of these networks can involve social support, give people a sense of community, and lead them to help and protect each other.

INTORDUCTION:- While social networking met with huge enthusiasm among new generation initially, this new social culture seems to have been accepted by all age groups in India. There are reports of cultural changes and in the way traditional interactions and social communications are conducted in India. The reason for selecting youth as the target audience is because the direction of a country and culture is decided by the direction taken by youths of that country. Social networking offers several opportunities like access to information, videos, extension of social group, ability to express, learning opportunities, seeking and maintaining friends and relatives.

what is social group:- A group (often termed as a community, e-group or club) may be a feature in several social networking services that permits users to make, post, comment to and browse from their own interest- and niche-specific forums, usually among the realm of virtual communities.
There are teams of individuals all over you go. As an individual, you’ll belong to several different kinds of groups: a non-secular group, a group, your geographical point colleague cluster, your faculty category, a sports team, etc. These teams also can be referred to as social teams. We’ve one thing in common with others within the same cluster, we tend to determine with the cluster, and also the cluster will produce a way of happiness for us. 

A group is completely different from a mixture, wherever individuals are briefly along during an area, perhaps even doing constant things, however don’t determine themselves as happiness along. As an example, being during a packed grocery or standing in line at the movie show doesn’t cause you to desire you belong with the individuals doing constant issue as you. A bunch is additionally completely different from a class. If you’re within the same class as an individual, you’ll share similar characteristics like age, height, otherwise you each wear glasses, however you’ll not interact or feel the sense of happiness.

WHAT IS SOCIAL NETWORKS?:- There is some organization in our lives as a result of these social teams. At intervals these teams, we’ve got our social networks. Once you hear the term social network, you will right away think about Facebook or Twitter. You’re right! Those are varieties of on-line social networks! Let’s suppose offline for an instant although. Within the offline world, social networks seek advice from the social ties that link us beside people. These ties embrace your family, friends, acquaintances, classmates, colleagues, neighbors, etc. are you able to think about a spider web? The small lines of the net would represent social ties extending outward from you to people you recognize.

BACKGROUND:-Early social networking on the planet Wide net began within the style of generalized on-line communities like Theglobe.com (1995), Geocities (1994) and rack.com (1995). Several of those early communities targeted on transportation individuals along to move with one another through chat rooms and inspired users to share personal data and concepts via personal web content by providing easy-to-use business enterprise tools and free or cheap net house. Some communities – like Classmates.com – took a unique approach by merely having individuals link to every alternative via email addresses. Planet All started in 1996. Within the late Nineteen Nineties, user profiles became a central feature of social networking sites, permitting users to compile lists of “friends” and hunt for alternative users with similar interests.

New social networking strategies were developed by the tip of the 1990s, and plenty of sites began to develop additional advanced options for users to seek out and manage friends. Open Diary, a community for on-line diarists, fictitious each friends-only content and therefore the reader comment, 2 options of social networks vital to user interaction. This newer generation of social networking sites began to flourish with the emergence of Six Degrees in 1997, followed by Open Diary in 1998, Mixi in 1999, Makeoutclub in 2000, Hub Culture in 2002, Friendster and Canada’s 1st on-line social network Nexopia in 2003, and shortly became a part of the net thought. However, due to the nation’s high web penetration rate, the primary mass social networking website was the South Korean service, Cyworld, launched as a blog-based website in 1999 and social networking options side in 2001. It conjointly became one amongst the primary firms to cash in on the sale of virtual product.

causes of social networking addiction:- The aim of this study was to see the causes of social media addiction of people, who define themselves as social media addicts, in a clearer and a lot of concrete method. In order to realize this aim, participants are tested with an addiction test, and 25 university students who understand themselves as social media addicts were selected for the study. The findings of the analysis showed that participants’ reasons for exploitation social media were lack of friends, social necessity of social media, feeling of fulfillment, concern of missing out, intertwining of social media and everyday life.

The study additionally identified that social media addiction contains a starting and a continuity section. It’s been shown that the people who were within the starting section attended begin exploitation social media for reasons like not having the ability to seek out friends, lack of socialization, and monotony of life. Within the continuity stage of individual addiction, they declared that they use social media for reasons like, fulfilling an obligation, and protective social relations that they’d. One among the explanations for addiction was the requirement to socialize, whereas male participants were a lot of curious about deed new friends, feminine participants were a lot of curious about communication with their world friends.



  • Better collaboration and communication
  • Access to online resources
  • Educational topics being discussed on social sites
  • Empowers people to change themselves for the better
  • Can help to solve community problems
  • Helps keep in touch with people who are geographically far off.


  • Invasion of privacy.
  • General Addiction.
  • Cybercrime/bullying.
  • Mental health issues.
  • Fear of missing out.

Offline and online social networking services


Offline social network

Online social network
Degree centralityWhile the number of cognitively manageable ties is limited to about 150, most people report having 14–56 ties at average.Huge number of ties technologically possible, but average number is limited, e.g., Facebook: 395.
SymmetryUsually symmetric (reciprocal behavior.Symmetric (e.g., Instagram , LinkedIn, XING) and asymmetric (e.g., Twitter).
AffectPositive (92–97%) and negative (3–8%High because of technological support) tie relationships can be managed using high sophisticated coordination mechanisms such as argumentation and negotiation.Except through blocking (e.g., Twitter) or hiding (e.g., Facebook) limited support to deal with negative tie relationships.
Strength2–8 strong ties and 12–48 weak/latent ties on average.9–37 strong ties and 68–131 weak/latent ties on average.
Dynamic of changeLow due to manual interactionHigh because of technological support.
Differences between offline and online social networking services.

SOCIAL STRATIFICATION AND EMPLOYMENT:-Social stratification refers to a society’s categorisation of its people into rankings of socioeconomic tiers based on factors like wealth, income, race, education, and power. Social networks can have a significant impact on people’s lives, particularly in relation to employment. Social networks can be formal or informal. Formal social networks are organised around connecting workers and employers. Informal social networks involve personal, real-life relationships that take place in face-to-face contexts.


  • Facebook – currently one of the most famous social networking application site. it attracts a lot of youth and business owners to utilise the platform in as many ways. More than 241 million Indians use Facebook.
  • WhatsApp – the best alternative for SMS has slowly turned an alternative for voice/video calls too. The app managed to have more than 250 million users from India.
  • YouTube – not only one of the best social media networks in India, but at the same time, it’s the most preferred platform in terms of earnings for video content creators.
  • Twitter – micro blog service which allows registered members to broadcast.
  • Instagram – has become a haven for influencers and also businesses.


  • Socializing – make friends – create groups, communities
  • Sharing information – files, music etc.
  • Create blogs
  • Time utility
  • Lower cost [via – internet, mobile phone etc.]
  • Builds credibility
  • Matchmaking
  • Business
  • Take advices.
  • Advertising at a cheap cost.

USE OF SOCIA NETWORKING SITES:- A social networking service (also social networking website or social media) is a web platform which individuals use to make social networks or social relationships with others who share similar personal or career interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections.

Social networking services vary in format and therefore the range of options. They’ll incorporate a variety of recent info and communication tools, operational on desktops and on laptops, on mobile devices like pill computers and smartphones. They’ll feature digital photo/video/sharing and diary entries on-line (blogging).Online community services are typically thought-about social-network services by developers and users, although during a broader sense, a social-network service sometimes provides an individual-centered service whereas on-line community services  are group-centered. Outlined as “websites that facilitate the building of a network of contacts to exchange numerous varieties of content on-line,” social networking sites offer an area for interaction to continue on the far side in the flesh interactions. These PC mediate interactions link members of assorted networks and should facilitate to each maintain and develop new social and skilled relationships.

Application domains:-

Government applications:- Social networking is additional recently being employed by numerous government agencies. Social networking tools function a fast and simple manner for the govt. to urge the suggestion of the general public and to stay the general public updated on their activity, but this comes with a big risk of abuse, as an example, to cultivate a culture of concern like that printed in Nineteen 84 or THX-1138. The Centers for malady management incontestable the importance of vaccinations on the popular children’s website Why ville and therefore the National Oceanic and part Administration features a virtual island on Second Life wherever folks will explore caves or explore the results of world warming. Likewise, independent agency has taken advantage of some social networking tools, as well as Twitter and Flickr. The NSA is taking advantage of all of them. Independent agency is exploitation such tools to assist the Review of U.S. Human area Flight Plans Committee, whose goal it’s to make sure that the state is on a lively and property path to achieving its boldest aspirations in area.

Business application:-The use of social networking services in an enterprise context presents the potential of getting a serious impact on the planet of business and work Social networks connect folks at low cost; this could be useful for entrepreneurs and little businesses trying to expand their contact bases. These networks usually act as a client relationship management tool for firms commerce product and services. Firms also can use social networks for advertising within the sort of banners and text ads. Since businesses operate globally, social networks will build it easier to stay connected with contacts round the world.

Applications for social networking sites have extended toward businesses and types are making their own, high functioning sites, a sector referred to as complete networking. It’s the concept that a complete will build its shopper relationship by connecting their shoppers to the complete image on a platform that has them relative content, parts of participation, and a ranking or score system. Complete networking may be a new thanks to take advantage of social trends as a selling tool. The facility of social networks is commencing to permeate into internal culture of companies wherever they’re finding uses for collaboration, file sharing and data transfer. The term “enterprise social software” is changing into progressively widespread for these sorts of applications.

Dating application:- Many social networks give an internet setting for folks to speak and exchange personal data for geological dating functions. Intentions will vary from searching for a 1 time date, short-run relationships, and long relationships. Most of those social networks, rather like on-line geological dating services, need users to relinquish out sure items of data. This typically includes a user’s age, gender, location, interests, and maybe an image. Emotional terribly personal data is sometimes discouraged for safety reasons this permits alternative users to go looking or be searched by some style of criteria, however at a similar time, folks will maintain a degree of obscurity the same as most on-line geological dating services. On-line geological dating sites are the same as social networks within the sense that users produce profiles to fulfill and communicate with others, however their activities on such sites are for the only real purpose of finding an individual of interest thus far.

Social networks don’t essentially need to be for dating; several users merely use it for keeping connected with friends, and colleagues. However, a very important distinction between social networks and on-line dating geological dating chemical services is that the undeniable fact that on-line dating sites typically need a fee, wherever social networks are free This distinction is one among the explanations the net geological dating business is seeing a vast decrease in revenue because of several users opting to use social networking services instead. Several widespread on-line geological dating services like Match.com, Yahoo Personals, and eHarmony.com are seeing a decrease in users, wherever social networks like My area and Facebook are experiencing a rise in users. The quantity of web users within the us that visit on-line geological dating sites has fallen from a peak of twenty-first in 2003 to 100 percent in 2006.

Whether it’s the value of the services, the variability of users with completely different intentions, or the other reason, it’s simple that social networking sites are quickly changing into the new thanks to notice dates on-line.

Education application:- The National college Boards Association reports that nearly hr. of scholars UN agency use social networking point out education topics on-line, and over five hundredth speak specifically concerning assignment. nonetheless, the overwhelming majority of faculty districts have tight rules against nearly all kinds of social networking throughout the varsity day—even although students and oldsters report few downside behaviors on-line. Social networks targeted on supporting relationships between academics and their students are currently used for learning, educators skilled development, and content sharing. HAS TAC may be a cooperative social network area for brand spanking new modes of learning and analysis in education, K-12, and womb-to-tomb learning; Ning supports teachers; TermWiki, TeachStreet and alternative sites are being designed to foster relationships that embody instructional blogs, portfolios, formal and impromptu communities, further as communication like chats, discussion threads, and synchronous forums. These sites even have content sharing and rating options. Social networks also are rising as on-line yearbooks, each public and personal. One such service is Yearbook, that permits anyone from the overall public to register and connect. A brand-new trend rising is non-public label yearbooks accessible solely by students, parents, and academics of a selected college, the same as Facebook’s starting inside Harvard.

finical application:-The use of virtual currency systems within social networks produce new opportunities for international finance. Hub Culture operates a virtual currency Ven used for international transactions among members, product sales and money trades in commodities and carbon credits. In could 2010, carbon valuation contracts were introduced to the weighted basket of currencies and commodities that verify the floating exchange worth of Ven. The introduction of carbon to the calculation worth of the currency created Ven the primary and solely currency that’s joined to the setting.

Medical and Health application:- Social networks are starting to be adopted by attention professionals as a way to manage institutional data, pass around peer to look data and to spotlight individual physicians and establishments. The advantage of employing a dedicated medical social networking website is that each one the members are screened against the state licensing board list of practitioners. A replacement trend is rising with social networks created to assist its members with numerous physical and mental ailments. For folks laid low with life-altering diseases or chronic health conditions, firms like HealthUnlocked and PatientsLikeMe offers their members the possibility to attach with others addressing similar problems and share experiences.

For alcoholics and addicts, SoberCircle provides folks in recovery the power to speak with each other and strengthen their recovery through the encouragement of others World Health Organization will relate to their scenario. DailyStrength is additionally an internet site that provides support teams for a large array of topics and conditions, as well as the support topics offered by PatientsLikeMe and SoberCircle. Some social networks aim to encourage healthy lifestyles in their users. Sportspeople and HealthUnlocked supply community and social networking tools for peer support throughout weight loss. Fitocracy and QUENTIQ are centered on exercise, sanctionative users to share their own workouts and treat those of different users. Different aspects of social network usage embody the analysis of information coming back from existing social networks (such as Twitter) to get massive crowd concentration events (based on tweets location applied math analysis) and pass around the knowledge to e.g. mobility-challenged people for e.g. avoiding the precise areas associate degreed optimizing their journey in an urban atmosphere.

Social and political application:- Social networking sites have recently showed a price in social and political movements. Within the Egyptian revolution, Facebook associate degreed Twitter each vie an allegedly polar role keep folks connected to the revolt. Egyptian activists have attributable social networking sites with providing a platform for designing protest and sharing news from Tahrir sq. in real time. By presenting a platform for thousands of individuals to instantly share videos of in the main events that includes brutality, social networking are often a significant tool in revolutions. On the flip facet, social networks alter government authorities to simply determine, and repress, protestors and dissidents.[citation needed] Another factor that social media helps with in political applications is obtaining the younger generations concerned in politics and current political problems.

 Perhaps the foremost important political application of social media is Barack Obama’s election campaign in 2008. it absolutely was the primary of its kind, because it with success incorporated social media into its campaign winning strategy, evolving the means of political campaigns evermore within the changing technological world we discover ourselves in these days. His campaign won by partaking everyday folks and empowering volunteers, donors, and advocates, through social networks, text electronic communication, email electronic communication and on-line videos. Obama’s social media campaign was immense, along with his campaign speech act five million ‘friends’ on over fifteen social networking sites, with over three million friends simply on Facebook. Another important success of the campaign was on-line videos, with nearly two,000 YouTube videos being place on-line, receiving over eighty million views. In 2007, once Obama 1st proclaimed his drive, there was no such factor as associate degree iPhone or Twitter. However, a year later, Obama was causation out selection reminders to thousands of individuals through Twitter, showing simply how briskly social media moves.

Obama’s campaign was current and required to achieve success in incorporating social media, as social media acts best and is only in real time.[citation needed]Building up to the 2012 presidential election, it absolutely was attention-grabbing to visualize however robust the influence of social media would be following the 2008 campaigns, wherever Obama’s winning campaign had been social media-heavy, whereas McCain’s campaign didn’t very grasp social media. Jack Kennedy was the primary president World Health Organization very understood TV, and equally, Obama is that the 1st president to totally perceive the facility of social media. Obama has recognized social media is concerning making relationships and connections and thus used social media to the advantage of presidential election campaigns, during which Obama has dominated his opponents in terms of social media house.

LAND MARK CASES :- M/S Bharti Airtel Ltd vs Mr.K.Lakshmana Kailash on 30 August, 2013

SECTON :-social networking sites in India are liable for various acts or omissions that are punishable under the laws of India. Section 66A of the IT Act has been enacted to regulate the social media law India and assumes importance as it controls and regulates all the legal issues related to social media law India.

CONCLUSION:- Starting from the analysis of social networks on the Internet, many
new potential opportunities arise. Social network platforms are considered a boon, allowing people to connect seamlessly and viably with anyone in the world. They enable to discover and
utilise specific knowledge lying dormant within these networks. Undoubtedly the Indian youth are spending a lot of time browsing and chatting on various SNSs and these clearly have mass
appeal. For many youth in this study, interacting online is the best way of living in a society where people are getting more and more isolated from each other.

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