How and why I joined Law College?

I was always mediocre in my studies. Always ranked between 10-15 in my class. Sometimes( 2-3 times) between 15-20. Well, all my cousins were topper. They topped all their classes. Indian Kids can relate with me to this. Pressure, judgments, Jeer etc etc.
I was always taunted and compared by my parents. On the contrary, it was them who also had so many expectations from me. How ironic!

My father always wanted me to become a doctor and here I am pursuing law. It was really a hard journey that took me here. Mind my words, ” Hard journey.”

When I was in the seventh standard, I don’t know how? But I came 4th in my class. And it was at that moment I realised that I f***** up. My father told me my future just by sitting on a couch. He said, ” Well, I always knew You have that thing in you. Now, in 3 years you have your boards. Then, after that, you will take the science stream. Then, you will drop your one year and I will enrol you in the best coaching of medical. You will crack Neet or AIIMS after that. In 5 years you will become a doctor. You will then marry a doctor boy. All settle. Happily ever after.”

Wowww! I don’t remember his exact words but It was the same I said. After that, I ranked the same as before. But my father’s expectations were still the same. When I passed my 10th, I wanted to go to Commerce stream. But then a moment came. When your parents make you do what they want by using a single weapon that they hold all their lives. A weapon of doing
” Emotional Atyachar”. At last, I ended taking Biology as my subject. I liked physics but Chemistry literally sucked. I don’t know how I scored 80.5% in my finals. And yeah, I was from the ICSE board ( P.S. you have to mention such things ).

When I was in 11th standard, I confronted my father about my career choices. I told him that medical is not my thing. Well, he listened and asked me about my preferences. I told him that I have an interest in crimes and laws and courts. He smiled and said, ” Okay. Then pursue Law after your 12th. And after your graduation, I will enrol you in PCS-J coaching. You will become a judge. You will then marry a Judge boy. All settle. Happily ever after.”

To be honest, I doubted my mere existence on this planet. I got a dysfunctional family with the most sophisticated people as my parents. And yeah let me tell you I am not making this all. It’s true.

After my 12th they asked me which is the best law college in India. And like an idiot, I told them, NLSIU Bangalore. After that, they even didn’t consider NALSAR Hyderabad good enough for me to graduate. They enrolled me in CLAT coaching.

How on earth can you crack an exam with your 2 months of study? After 12th, 2-3 months are only for making yourself adjustable with your career stuff. Well, I scored 90 marks. To be honest, the paper was good like one could have cracked it with proper knowledge. And thinking that I  dropped one year for preparation. Next year, the consortium did the worst thing they could have done. They changed the paper pattern and made everything comprehensive, a passage like. I mean, Why? That year I filled every form I could have. From SLAT to PU because I knew I cannot crack CLAT as the new pattern really sucked. I also appeared for AILET. Yes, I know. Better to not go into that . Corona and lockdown were also major drawbacks for students who just passed their 12th. In April 2020 I got an offer letter from Banasthali Vidyapith University. After consulting the same with my parents, I accepted that offer.

As per my expectation and belief, I was not able to crack CLAT. And my marks I am definitely not going to reveal. The Paper was damn tough. Never mind! Just after the papers, I started attending the online classes from my new University.

That’s how I got myself into a law college. But wait mine is a University. So that’s how I got myself into a law university. I am happy where I am. And I think knowledge is what truly matters. From which college you did or studied, that’s only a matter of fact which will be there on your CV. But knowledge is what will take you places.

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