Doctrine of Vicarious Liability


At the point when an individual does an unjust demonstration then he is obligated for that demonstration and no other individual.

Nonetheless, in specific cases, an individual might be expected to take responsibility for the activities of others. In such cases, the law forces vicarious responsibility on one individual for the demonstrations of others.

A can be responsible for the demonstration done by B, if there is a specific sort of connection between An and B, and the illegitimate demonstration done is in some way or another associated with that relationship.

Vicarious risk is a type of obligation that emerges under the custom-based law teaching of office, respondent predominant, and the duty of the unrivaled for the demonstrations of their subordinates.

Principle of Vicarious Liability

There are mainly two principles:-

  • Qui facit per alium facit per se: One who makes the other do the act does it himself.
  • Respondent Superior: The superior/principal will be liable/responsible for the work done by his subordinate, agent, etc. If it is done in the course of the business.

Example:-if an employee of a company commits fraud then the company will liable for it.

Civil Law

In civil law to constitute vicarious liability two conditions must be satisfied.

  1. Ratification

If the person permits another person to do any wrong the person who gives permission will liable.

2. Relation

There should be a relation between the other party and the wrongdoer like Master and Servant, Principle and Agent.

Examples of Vicarious Liability

  1. Mater and Servant.

If a worker does an unjust demonstration throughout his business, the expert and worker both are obligated for it.

The demonstration of the worker is viewed as the demonstration of the expert too. This depends on the teaching of the obligation of the expert for the demonstration of his work which depends on the proverb respondent unrivaled, which signifies ‘let the head/predominant be at risk/mindful’ and this places the expert similarly situated as the worker as though he had done the demonstration himself.

This responsibility additionally gets its legitimacy from the adage qui facit per alium facit as such, which signifies “he who does a demonstration through another is considered in law to do it without anyone else’s help”. As both expert and worker are responsible, the offended party has a decision to bring an activity against either or the two of them. Their risk is joint and a few. They are joint tortfeasors. Here the proverb respondent unrivaled (let the chief be obligated) is utilized with the goal that the mollusk can be met on account of the expert’s huge pocket and to pass on the weight of risk through protection. The obligation emerges even though the worker acted against the express directions, and for no advantage of his lord.

For making the Master obligated after two conditions should be fulfilled:

(1) some unacceptable was submitted by the ‘worker’.

(2) The worker submitted the unjust demonstration ‘throughout his business.

2. Principle and Agent 

At the point when a specialist does any illegitimate demonstration which the chief has sanctioned him to do then both the head and specialist are obligated for it. Their obligation is joint and a few. The chief can approve the specialist to the unjust demonstration either by communicating it or by inferring it.

It isn’t required the chief will be at risk for just the improper demonstration he had approved a specialist to do. The Principal will likewise be expected to take responsibility if a specialist does an illegitimate demonstration in the conventional course of the presentation of his obligations as a specialist.

3. Partners

In this, if a partner commits any fraud in a joint partnership firm then all other partners will also liable for the same wrong.

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