Alternative Career options after a Law Degree

We all know about the general career paths one can pursue after the completion of one’s LLB degree, which include going into litigation, working in the corporate sector, pursuing judiciary or becoming a professor. While these are all great career choices and yield fruit if the necessary amount of hard work and dedication is invested in, there are some of us for whom going on the beaten track may not seem such a lucrative offer. Gladly the LLB degree has a very expansive scope and there are several, relatively less pursued career options available after its completion. These options include, but are not limited to the following:

1. Journalism

While it always helps to have a journalism degree to become a Journalist, a Law graduate can also venture in the field of Journalism. If an in-depth analysis is done, it will come out that a Lawyer has all the unique features of being a good Journalist. A Journalist has to be active, be able to smell mishaps, should be communicative, probing and arguing. Well, a Lawyer’s qualities seem to be no different from that of a Journalist. Press Trust of India (PTI) has provision to provide an appointment to Law graduates in their agency.

2. Publishing

Many publishing houses, especially those with specialist legal publications, look to employ law graduates as researchers. They are thought to be a good fit for the role given that a law degree equips you with research skills and the ability to absorb large amounts of technical information and convey it clearly and succinctly.

There are also opportunities available within publishing houses’ intellectual property and rights departments for those that are qualified.

3. Conveyancer

A licensed conveyancer is a property law specialist who works on behalf of clients buying or seller property. They are ultimately responsible for the legal matters, administration, finance and queries involved in a property transaction. A legal background is consequently extremely useful.

4. Legal outsourcing

When a Law firm outsources its services to a law firm outside, the process is known as Legal Outsourcing. This process is relevant for Law firms operating abroad. It obtains help from a legal firm from that respective country. Legal Outsourcing is a new concept and its possibilities are pretty unexplored right now. But that also means there’s a lot of scope for the daring. 

5. Legal analyst 

Law graduates could join law firms or corporate fir and conduct analyses regarding the law sphere about the company and its functions. This requires aspirants to own a license in order to practice law. Legal Analysts also have the ability to assist in drafting various legal documents and also assists attorneys. In the case of financial law, this is a great option. It also requires you to be well analytical and organisational. 

6. Indian Army

There is a possibility to serve your country under the Indian army for law graduates. Law graduates who have a minimum percentile of 55% in their respective stream can apply to join the Indian army. However, there are many other conditions such as medical and fitness tests, age, etc. that candidates have to fulfil in order to serve for the nation.

7. Legal Blogging

India has recently come up as a booming sector for content creators, in any given field, and law is not far behind. What is the reason for this? Law firms are barred from solicitation or advertising as per the rules mentioned in the Advocates Act. However, law firms these days apply smarter approaches to market themselves. This is done through content marketing, where they create relevant content on most of the current legal issues and post it on various forums. The traffic that they generate out of it helps them to get leads to make better clients.

While some of the fields listed here are already well established, others are freshly up and coming and thus call for people who are risk takers and like challenges. At the end of the day the old saying seems to ring true, “If you love your job you don’t have to work a day in your life.” 

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