Religion Diversity (Brief Outlook)

Thorough observations from ‘Global’ point of view highlight that specific groups of people hailing from individual countries usually practice religion in common at a larger scale ,lastly making the country religiously dominant. There are evidently handful of countries worldwide with active population practicing more than 2 to 4 religions and contributing significant amount of belief diversity cumulatively.

The world’s second largely populated country, India has a well established cultural core. More than just an establishment, it continues to be the foundational stone itself with richness in diversified belief mechanisms. Pointing at accountability India has around 79.8% of population as Hinduism practitioners followed by Nepal and Mauritius, Third country with composed amount of followers of Islam (14.2% of the total population) following Indonesia and then Pakistan respectively, With Christianity at 2.3%, Sikhism at about 1.9%, Buddhism at 0.7%, Jainism 0.37%, Formally Unaffiliated (0.24%), and Others including Zoroastrianism, Baha’i, Bon, Judaism, Sanamahism, Kirat Mundhum, Sarna sthal, Animism, Parsi and several others at 0.67% of India’s total population. 

Apart from birth of native religions and existence of the same thereon ,social integration of the beliefs given the migration to the region by foreigners of distinct culture from a long untraceable era for the purposes varying from trading, traveling, exploring the country, immigrants and also inclusive of invading and conquering for the rule by the kings and foreign companies, has been some of those elements (genus) which the leading consequences of diversity hail back to as a possible outcome (species) of.

Stating the hospitality and nature of acceptance in Hinduism ( Since the pre diversified era) towards all other religions, John Hardon had write in his book, “The most significant feature of Hinduism is its acceptability for the creation of a non-Hindu State, in which all religions are equal.” 
The religious tolerance in India has always amazed the counterpart countries. Political ideologies do conflict at times with difference of opinion and interest. But such conflicts have least to do with the basic fabric of cultural diversity. Misunderstandings and intentional disturbances created by the evil elements of the society for personal gain altogether try to merge the existence and the build-up struggle for continuity lastly showing a split between the diverse unit of entities inclusive of distinct belief practitioners but the ground reality stands to be different.

The existence of the native religions such as Buddhism and Jainism were the continuation of the sharmana traditions which lasted parallel to the Hinduism, continuation of Vedic religion for thousands of years side by side. These two belonged to few of the renowned philosophical streams of thought in the ancient India. Co-existence of which lead to the mutual influence of the traditions so mentioned on the followers of each. 

Alike is the traceable ancient history of Zoroastrianism and Judaism in India. Whereas, both the religions has had several thousand Indian adherents.

The Citizens of the country in the modern times are generally tolerant with each other’s belief mechanisms and continue to retain a secular outlook just as proposed in the Constitution of India with least support socially to the Inter-community clashes which as already mentioned are generally perceived to be politically influenced and not backed by religions in nature. Each religion when closely observed adhere to the practice of unity and peace which followers don’t just confine to a practice but a way of living instead which each religion in question define as a moral duty of livelihood with specified rules ( With the restrictions of law) whereas a person is supposed to follow the blend of lawful practices for an ideal life. 

Distinct cultural background collectively put in a united form when overlooked, specify the richness and close to opportunity to learn and grasp the tons of evolved ethnicities for human development, which is the sole purpose for such practices. 

Hence, Diversity of religions in India apart from being just an existential establishment, is also one of the heritages the country represents globally with the blend of distinct histories that helped the human kind evolve and learn from the intellect that is provided in a form of lessons by the supreme founders of each.

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