marital rape: a crime never criminalised

Marital Rape: A crime never criminalized

Marital rape a term in itself is not recognized in India and some may  even justify it by claiming an absurd reason. The only thing it should be considered it as should be crime but then back at 1860 when law was created women were  considered as prize, an object and same is portrayed in Indian penal code 1860 , I.P.C has Sec.375 which defines rape but exempts if the man is husband of the victim first the age of wife was at 15 year not it has been changed to 18 years which means if a man rapes his 18 year old wife he has not done any offence, the I.P.C which has 511 sections does not define consent but sec 90 of I.P.C lays down what is not a consent. According to I.P.C a wife’s consent doesn’t matter if she is above 18 years of age and the offence will not be considered as rape .

In 2019 data shows 150 countries have criminalised marital rape, only 36 odd countries doesn’t recognise it and India is one of this 36 country. There have been 104 amendments but not a single one that criminalises marital rape. An analysis of national family health survey indicates that 99.1 percent of the sexual violence cases go unreported and an average Indian woman is 17 times more likely to face sexual violence from husband then from others. The crimes against Indian society is a vast and problematic issue as per data of National crime record bureau  crime of India report showed that about 70percent of Indian women are victim of domestic violence ,and an Indian women is raped every 16 minutes and every 4 minutes , she experience cruelty from her in laws.

This shows that the crime against women in itself is bigger problem and its not like government has not done anything there are many laws present to protect women’s but most of them still are ineffective as crime rate and data shows a different picture all together. Other problem over marital rape is culture before consent many of Indians still things marital life should not be discussed on public and 3rd party like police or any other person should not be made known of the married life. Parents still are not of the mindset to support their daughter after marriage as per some they belong with their husband, these very thoughts promote marital rape and domestic violence as society at large does not want to accept the harsh truth of marital rape. Law, society and system need to change victim must need to know that they are victim and this is not normal. Rape is rape and indeed, that is the end of sentence. No condition can justify it.

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  1. This is one of the obstacles in the eastern cultural perspective on women, because women have been taught since childhood that they must obey their husband. If the husband want it, then his wife must be ready. If not, then a husband has the right to force.
    I see some of your posts bring this up. That is good. Your voice matters!


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